Stop the Screaming!

Dear Parrot Lover,

If you are an owner of a pretty parrot then you most likely already know that those small little colorful creatures have a much bigger and louder voice. The more excited they get, the louder they become.

In fact, parrots in general screech, scream and shriek more than any other domestic pet. Your parrot’s screaming not only hurts your ears, but it can also decrease your chances of ever renting an apartment, having a roommate, or having your grandbabies come visit you as often as you’d

It is important to understand that a parrot screaming is a very natural thing; Parrot’s scream every day in the wild. But if your parrot screams non-stop at home then you need to try and curb that screaming as soon as you can.

Since wild parrots do scream and the screaming in and of itself is a very natural thing for parrots, therefore the screaming cannot be totally eliminated. Even in captivity, parrots resemble their wild friends and will be loudest during dusk and dawn as part of their flock mentality. This type and timing of screaming is perfectly fine, but any screaming that is too excessive
outside of these times must definitely be curbed.

Now when your parrot is screaming before getting upset with him, first become aware of exactly how you are interacting with your parrot at that very moment. Avoid rewarding his screaming by playing it into and giving him too much attention and yelling at him to be quiet. By screaming back at
your parrot to hush, all your parrot is learning is that if he screams, you’ll eventually scream back and a game of screaming will then ensue.

Instead, always try to ignore your parrot’s excessive screams and do not acknowledge your parrot when he is screaming. In fact it is best if you do not look or talk to him either and instead simply walk away from your parrot when he starts his screaming tantrum.

As soon as your parrot has stopped screaming immediately reward him with lots of praise and offer him a treat or his favorite toy to play with. Then slowly start to increase the time after he has stopped screaming before you offer him any praise or a treat. Eventually your parrot will stop screaming quicker, or not scream at all, just so he can receive your praise and attention.

A really great idea is to start a parrot diary and write down every time your parrot screams. Don’t forget to write down any circumstances that are occurring during the time of your parrot’s screaming. Do you have guests over? Is it dinner time? Is the TV on? Are you kids running around the house yelling? Soon enough you will see a pattern to your parrot’s screaming and will learn to identify your parrot’s triggers.

Another great tip to curbing your parrot’s screaming is to teach your parrot to talk instead!

Stop the Screaming!

Are Your Ears Still Ringing from the Screaming?

Oh my goodness! If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to a screaming parrot, then you know how ear splitting that noise can be. It’s even worse if you have to live with him day in and day out with no end in sight.

You may have heard that birds scream for attention or because there are spoiled. This can be true. Many birds do learn that screaming works to get attention from someone, so they continue to use the method. But, there are also many other reasons that birds scream such as if he’s in a territorial mood.

The best way to limit your bird’s screaming is to figure out just why he’s doing it in the first place.

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Why is He Screaming so Much and What to do?

There are many reasons your bird screams. There are also many factors as to why he does it. The gooda plan to correct what he’s doing. For example:

  • You can use your bird’s body language cues to help curb his screaming if you know what to look for.
  • You can use bird toys strategically placed in your parrot’s cage in order to keep him stimulated and quiet.
  • If your bird screams when new people enter a room, he may be frightened. You can actually use techniques to help reverse this natural instinct.

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Parrot Screaming Secrets Revealed

You can now access all the secrets you need to stop your parrot’s screaming with a brand new informational program. The Parrot Screaming Secrets Revealed is a 3 disc course that includes 2 dvds and an audio cd seminar. It reveals information from a bird training expert who gets down to the nitty gritty details you always wanted to know about screaming.

You’ll discover other techniques that you can use instead of just ignoring your bird or covering his cage. You’ll find out how to best entertain him, provide him with nutrition, and also exactly what you should NOT do.

Plus there is a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days so there is no risk at all to you!

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Nathalie Roberts

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