3 Tips To Getting Your Parrot to Talk!

Dear Parrot Lover,

Does Your Parrot Talk?

Is your parrot shy? Does he make only garbled sounds or chirps? Would you like your parrot to have a wide vocabulary and to speak more eloquently?

In order for that to happen, you need to know how to teach your parrot to talk. Unfortunately, most parrot owners do not know how to do this and they mistakenly believe that only the larger parrots such as African Grays, Cockatoos or Macaws are the only parrots that can really talk properly. Any parrot can become talkative – as long as he receives the proper instruction!

#1 The easiest way to start teaching your parrot to talk is to pronounce all your words with great enthusiasm! Sounds like fun right? Exactly! Your parrot will quickly pick up on your excitement and will start to pronounce those fun sounding words too.

Do not become too carried away that you end up repeating your words over and over and over again. Instead, simply have a conversation with your parrot and explain to him what you are doing as you walk around the house doing your chores.

#2 Another simple task is to always greet your parrot with a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Goodbye’ whenever you leave your house and come home again. Your parrot will soon relate those words and sounds with your arrival and departure.

A word of caution though: Your parrot may not yet be ready and/or willing to learn to talk when the time suites you best. But you can easily figure out when the time is right by paying special attention to your parrot’s body language. When you parrot is ready to learn, his pupils will change whenever you speak to him. You will also notice him stop and stare intently at you as you enthusiastically pronounce your words to him. Never force your parrot to learn something as this will come across as a miscommunication with your parrot and might end up hurting your chances of effectively teaching your parrot to talk in the future.

#3 Another tip is make sure that words and phrases that you teach your parrot are words and sounds that you will not mind hearing for the next 20 – 70 years, as this how long most parrots can live to, given a good diet and proper care of course. You might like the sound of opera now, but will you still like it in 20 years?

You should also seriously consider the location of your parrot’s cage inside your house. Your parrot’s cage should be in an area where he will have the opportunity to watch and learn from the other people in your house, such your living room. As long as your Parrot is in the company of good conversation and in the right environment, he will learn to talk very soon.

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