Parrot News – Bird Clubs of Virginia 25th Annual Convention –

Bird Clubs of Virginia is a 501-(3) (c) supporting avian research and education. Friday 4-03-09 , Holistic & Homepathic Workshop beginning at 10:00 am, entry fee $25.00. Friday evening a Free Toy Workshop at 7pm, come learn how to make your parrots

OutwithTrout Seeks Hunterdon County Shopper Signatures – Bridgeton News
More than 900 county voters signed a petition seeking the recall of Sheriff Deborah Trout last weekend. In its first attempt to simultaneously collect signatures at venues around the county, set up at two shopping centers in Raritan

America must shed two party politics – Independent Florida Alligator
I have a strong stomach. Only a handful of things consistently turn my stomach contents into a downtown sidewalk display: catching a ride post or mid drinkathon, all songs Nickelback and when, like, people, like, say like all the time

The Pirate Parrot Rum Rating System – San Francisco Examiner
A 4 Parrot score be a score for any rum to be had. I have been asked a few times about my Parrot system of rating rum. So here is a brief explantion. 5 Parrots: Yar! this be a rum worthy of the gods. Poseidon himself be a lucky nave to be privileged

Cape Coral artist specializes in tikis – News-Press
A toothy grin here, a scowl there. When woodworker Jack Organo puts the finishing touches on one of his wood sculptures, the results are part art, part fun. Organo s canvases are chunks of wood cypress, pine and cabbage palm. A friend, who has

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