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Welcome to my new Parrot Blog. I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

The important topic I will cover in my Blog today is Cage Placement. The right cage placement can solve a lot of behavioral problems of your Parrot.

Let me relate an incident. My friend Jake had a parrot who was very cranky. He used to scream a lot and would try to bite anyone who went too close to his cage. My friend and his family were obviously very worried. They went to the vet but the bird was physically fit.

Do you know what the vet suggested as an antidote?

He told my friend to change the position of the cage. They shifted the cage to the kitchen area. From there he could see everyone in the hall. Surprisingly, in a few weeks, he changed to a very sociable and perky fellow!

Apparently, from his former position, the parrot couldn’t see much of his human-family. And that irritated him. And the only way he knew of showing his irritation was through screaming and biting.

So, you can now understand how important the right placement of the cage is.

Here are a 10 basic guidelines that you should keep in mind while choosing the right place.


1. Keep the cage in a place from where he can see his human family. This helps in developing his social behavior.

2. Place it in a corner. If, for some reason, you have to place the cage in the center, make sure to cover at least 1/3 of the cage with cloth. That will give the bird a personal nook where he can retreat to.

3. Place the cage away from gusty winds.

4. Keep the cage somewhere high up in the air. It is best to hang the cage. Birds feel insecure on the ground.

======= Dont’s =======

1. Though your parrot needs to see everyone, don’t place him near a high traffic zone. Too many people coming into the room might make him nervous. Keep him at least five feet away from traffic.

2. Don’t place him near a window. Your parrot will always be worried about the predators he sees outside, and will try to be alert 24 hours a day. This will make him disagreeable and grumpy.

3. Place the cage away from cats.

4. Do not place the cage close to the TV.

5. And the last and most important thing to keep in mind regarding cage-placement is, allow your bird to establish his position in the environment you have placed him in.

6. Parrots don’t like changes. So once you have found a good place where you think he will feel safe and happy, don’t change it. Give him some time to get associated with the place.

Remember, the cage is your friend’s home. It should be such that it makes him feel comfortable and safe. A good cage goes a long way in keeping your parrot healthy and happy.

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