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Getting bitten by your Parrot can be extremely painful and definitely unwanted. Parrots have strong beaks that can snap cage bars into two. Surely you don't want to experience bloody fingers, do you? Learn why your Parrot bites and how you can control that.

Parrots make great talkers. You can easily teach your Parrot how to speak words, phrases and songs!! Find out more about how to teach your Parrot to talk.

Parrots can also perform a number of tricks. However, you need to be patient and persistent so that they can follow your instructions well. Subscribe for FREE to teach your Parrot to perform interesting tricks.

Your Parrot needs to be fed proper and balanced diet to keep it healthy, content and happy. Learn how proper diet can also keep your Parrot from getting bored. Also learn how you can bring variety to your pet's everyday meals.

Cleaning bird poop and messes everyday can be a real hassle. Learn How to train your Parrot to poop where you want it to by potty training your beloved pet.

Although they have a demanding nature, they are smart birds, and need loads of attention and toys to keep them busy. The Parrots are also vigorous chewers. Learn about Parrots and the varieties of Parrots available.

Make sure the cage is big and roomy enough to provide a comfy experience for your pet Parrot. The cage must be strong enough to withstand it significant beak strength. These birds are well known for snapping off cage bars with their strong beaks. Learn all about cages and cage accessories.

Before you actually go ahead and bring home a Parrot, you should be well aware that Parrots have a loud and raucous voice. If your neighborhood doesn't mind to their peace getting disturbed with your feathered friend's loud calls, then you can bring home a Parrot. Also remember that Parrots are large birds, and they'll need enough space to roam around. Read more about adoption here.

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