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8 Quick Tips For Effective Parrot Training

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

 Dear Parrot Lover,

Welcome to my new Parrot Blog. I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

For generations, humans have tried to tame wild animals. We have removed our desired animals from their natural habitat and brought them within the four walls of our homes. By doing this, we have transferred them into a protected environment where we have trained them to be social beings. We have also changed their feeding and breeding habits.
For ages, Parrot have been one of the few birds that can be tamed at home. However, training a Parrot is not an easy job. But as a Parrot lover myself, I simply enjoy the task. I am sure you will like it too. All you have to do is follow some basic tips and methods, put in a little effort for around 15 to 20 minutes a day and that’s all!
Domesticating a Parrot is like bringing up a human baby. There is little difference between the two. Like any human baby, a pet Parrot also needs the same amount of care, love and attention, or perhaps even more. From my years of experience in Parrot training I can assure you one thing – it is necessary for you to show your pet Parrot that you care for it. Never hesitate to do that.
Parrots crave for attention. Shower your love and attention on the bird. This way you can form a unique bond between your Parrot and you. Trust me it works.
Remember that training should benefit both your Parrot and you. I know you don’t want to own a gloomy-faced, weak and silent Parrot, nor do you want a screaming, biting, grumpy and aggressive pet Parrot in your home.
The secret behind a successful Parrot training session is “your patience”. Never rush your bird through practice sessions. Give proper time gap between each session. Remember the schooldays when you used to get tired of one-after-the- other classes? Place your Parrot in the same position. They would also feel bored or irritated. This can only trigger off negative behavior in your Parrot.

During the first few days you might feel frustrated about your pet taking so long to learn a simple step-up. Even I had felt the same way. But after spending year after year with these wonderful birds, one thing I have learned and that is, giving them adequate time for each training session produces the best results.

It is important for you to make the whole training experience both pleasurable and delightful for the two of you. So, at the end of the training, you own a happy, playful companion that can give you hours of fun.

Here’s a small tip for you to set the right environment for training – the placement of the cage. Place your Parrot’s cage in a place that is best suited for him. Instead of starting the training from the first day, wait for five or six days.

Meanwhile, you can go around the room doing your regular chores. Let it observe you. And you talk to him whenever you can. This will make your Parrot feel secure, treasured and safe in its new surroundings. Then slowly take the first step for training.

If your Parrot is afraid of you, don’t be disheartened because it is normal. After all, it is a wild bird who you are trying to tame and domesticate in an environment that is completely foreign to it. It will take time.

Parrots are intelligent birds. They tend to pick up things quickly. However, you should keep in mind that all Parrots do not have the same learning capability. Some learn slowly while others pick up rapidly.

Here Are 8 Tips to Make Your Parrot Training More Effective

It is important to make the training sessions full of fun. It is essential for both of you to fully enjoy it. Moreover, it also makes learning more easier.

Take one step at a time. Step-by-step training always proves better because they are systematic as well as scientific.

Don’t concentrate on how little your pet Parrot learned today. Rather see how much he learned in one day. See the brighter side of it.

Keep the sessions short but frequent. But make sure you don’t tire your pet out.

Never scream or hit your Parrot. That would make it more aggressive. Losing temper would only have the opposite effect on your bird.

Don’t scold the bird when he is making the same mistake repeatedly. Erase the word “punishment” permanently from your dictionary during the training sessions. Always be calm and cool. Being levelheaded will make things easier.

Be consistent. If your parrot has done whatever you have asked it to do, say the same phrase “Good Bird” or “Well done” every time and then give a reward. This will make the Parrot know that it is on track. But, if it has not been able to do that, neither say those positive phrases nor give it a reward.

Take each day as it comes. Don’t rush your Parrot. It may overwhelm the bird and you will end up with a confused pet.

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Nathalie Roberts





The New Parrot Blog Awaits You…

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Dear Parrot Lover,

Finally, I had the opportunity to take time out of my daily hectic schedule and design my Blog. I wanted to make it interesting and interactive for all my subscribers of the Parrot community.And for your benefit I have added fresh features and now it looks great.

Before sitting down with the technical designers, I had to rack my brain to come up with the most suitable features that will help my clients enhance their parrot training skills as well as make the whole Blog more interactive.Each month, there will be two highly informative and valuable newsletter articles coming your way as Blog Posts that will be addressing various problems related to parrots.

You’ll also get product reviews, which will not only enhance your knowledge on parrots but also keep you updated regarding the latest products doing their rounds in the world market.

I have arranged for weekly opinion polls where everyone can cast their votes and find the results to what people in general has to say.

But do let us know how you feel about our new structure.I am looking forward to your valued feedbacks and suggestions.

Let me know the topics that you want me to cover, your problems and your stories about your birds.

Post all your entries, suggestions, views and opinions in the comment tag just below this Blog Post.

Thanks in advance,
Nathalie Roberts

Budgie News – Local Notices and Information – Caymen Net News

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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