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Prevent These 5 Disorders In Your Parrot

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

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An unclean environment is a perfect breeding place for all sorts of germs that can make your parrot ill.

Here are 6 diseases that may affect your parrot:

Beak and Feather Syndrome:

Symptoms of this disease include abnormal growth of feathers in your parrot. In such a condition, you will find the beak of your parrot dusty and dull. Cockatoos and budgies are most commonly affected by this disease.


This causes a particular growth in your parrotís mouth/throat. Though this is usually not fatal, it may block your parrotís throat and vent areas forever.


E-coli infection can be detected by the ďlookĒ of your parrotís droppings. It will most likely look similar to diarrhea and give out a bad smell.


Gout is the aftereffect of the calcification of the kidneys. This is specifically a diet related problem. Initial symptoms that must make you alert, are slight dehydration and frequent regurgitating of your parrot. Blue and Gold Macaw babies commonly fall prey to this disease.


It is an airborne disease that may lead to pulmonary infection. This causes fever, cough and chest pain in your parrot. Dirty utensils, remnants of parrot droppings and damp conditions are favorable to the growth of this particular fungus, known as Aspergella.


This is a bacterial infection that gets transmitted to other birds via feather dust and dried feces. Even human beings can catch the disease. And if not treated properly, it can become lethal.

All of us are aware that prevention is better than cure. Itís not that difficult to make a better place for your bird to live in. A few simple things need to be done. And itís only a matter of a little vigilance, thatís all …

Birds are very sensitive to the environment they live in. Therefore, you must not only be careful about cleaning the cage but also about its placement. Correct placement takes off a lot of mental anxiety for the bird.

Extreme Temperature – Remember not to leave the cage out in hot or cold weather conditions. Especially, when the bird is molting (loss of feathers), itís prone to diseases. Keep it away from the strong gusts of cold wind.

Taking your Parrot to the vet – It is very important to prevent your parrot from catching a disease when it goes for a visit to the vet. So, itís better to make an appointment early in the morning, so that your bird is treated before other sick birds enter the place.

Avoid all contact with other patient parrots and their respective owners. Use a clean towel during check up. Watch like a hawk if the vet has washed his hands thoroughly before examining your parrot. And if he hasnít, politely ask him to!

By now you must have acquired sufficient know-how on how to prevent your bird from falling sick. Also, you know the basic tips to take care of your Ďsickí bird.

But you canít determine the exact problem with you bird, all the time. So, consulting your vet is best and you must find an effective person for this.

When it comes to the well being of your bird, do not take chances.

These are some of the diseases that may be caused due to poor hygiene conditions. You can avoid them by giving your bird clean and healthy living conditions.

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9 Tips To Tame Your Unruly Parrot

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Dear Parrot Lover,

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It is important as to how you respond to your feathered friend’s bad behavior. Normally you would reprimand your child loudly if he misbehaves. But if you do the same with your Parrot, it will get excited and think that you are praising it. It will assume that this is a positive consequence of its action and therefore, repeat it again and again.

So, you will have to be very careful. You need to be consistent and patient while handling such undesirable behavior.

Hold you bird at eye level and frown at it. They have striking abilities at picking up facial expressions. This will be interpreted by your bird as expressions of distaste or displeasure.

Be gentle but firm – speak softly, but keep the vocal tone firm, low and stern. This way if you tell your bird that it has done something wrong, it is bound to listen to you.

Put the bird back in its cage and let it stay alone to realize the situation. After a few minutes, go back to your Parrot and talk to it. This way you can make it understand that you have forgiven its mistake and are no longer upset with it.

Parrots are easily motivated by praises and rewards. Positive reinforcements work much better than negative ones. Treats are a major source of delight to them and they always look forward to such delicacies. Vocal affirmations like, ‘Good bird’ or ‘Good job’ works wonders with them.

Dominance has no place in bird training. You can at the most make the bird realize that you are the master here. But that’s all!

Suppose you come home from work one day to find one of your important files shredded into pieces. What do you do? Do you scold the Parrot? Beat the Parrot? Throw a tantrum? Never.

That’s because, your Parrot cannot control its action. Therefore, the best way to handle such a situation is to sweep the bird up and toss it in the cage and close it shut. This way you can convey your message to the bird.

Animals never understand the true meaning of being punished. Understanding positive and negative reinforcement, and avoiding the use of punishment are very important aspects of bird training.

Toys keep Parrots busy, active and playful. Boredom and lack of activity can lead to dangerous ailments like feather plucking. Parrots like chewing things. You donít want your sofas, your curtains, your vegetables or your important files and papers shredded into bits and pieces, do you? Of course not.

The key to modifying bird behavior is understanding motivation and the right use of reinforcement. This will heighten your sensitivity and give you the motivation needed to solve your Parrotís behavior problems.

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