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8 Tips To Control A Screaming Parrot

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Dear Parrot Lover,

Welcome to my new Parrot Blog. I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

Parrots with bad behavioral problems can be a nuisance. They can be mischievous, they can bite, they can scream and they tend to pluck their feathers. Screaming is a different breed of problem altogether. In the wild, Parrots are used to screaming. But in captivity the same screaming can make you miserable.

Just imagine, waking up in the middle of the night to a screaming Parrot. This can be annoying not only for your family and yourself but also for your entire neighborhood. And if you own a Macaw, the lesser said the better. Before you train your Macaw to talk, you should train it not to scream, since they scream with a capital S.

Believe me, because one of my pet Parrots was a champion screamer. Screaming seemed to be the toughest part about owning it. It took me time, but slowly with diligence and patience, I was finally able to stop its ear-splitting screams.

Thanks to Chet Womach’s wonderful videos through which I could teach my Parrot to talk rather than scream. And I did it within 48 hours of the talk-training session started.

I would love to share with you how I was able to control the screaming in my pet bird. And being a Parrot lover myself, I don’t want you to go through the same thing that I had suffered.

Combat Your Parrot Screaming Tendencies

Remember that all screaming is not a behavioral abnormality. Some can be plain happy squawking that should be allowed and never curbed or stopped. Therefore, your job would be to reduce the screaming to a tolerable level.

Never ever use negative reinforcement on your beloved bird to stop its screams. You may sprinkle water on it every time it screams. It will react adversely. It won’t scream whenever you are around with a bottle of water, but it will start immediately after you leave. Not a good solution, is it? So what will you do?

Use positive reinforcement. See to it that its basic needs are met with. Maintain a diary to record the number of times it screams. Include the time of the day, week, phase of the moon and all. All these matter. By doing this, you will be able to identify the cause of screaming and act accordingly.

For your bird, getting any kind of attention while it is screaming means it is getting rewarded.

Simply ignore your pet when it is screaming. Do not react in any way. Any kind of reaction would be interpreted as a reward by your bird. You don’t want that to happen. Don’t look at your bird, don’t leave the room. Be absolutely inert till you realize that it is screaming out of pain or fear.

Reduce the playtime with your bird. If you play with it at a stretch, play only for 30 minutes.

Do not pick up your parrot when it is screaming. Your pet will think it is a reward. Instead, wait till it quietens down. Then tell it how good and nice it is. You can even give it a few treats.

Fill the cage with toys. This is to keep your bird busy and reduce its craving for your attention. This will also make the cage as inviting as possible. An occupied bird is a happy bird!

Yelling back at the bird, hitting the bird or the cage, leaving the bird alone and isolated, spraying it with water, or withholding food will only increase the stress of the bird – resulting it to scream more and more.

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Nathalie Roberts

8 Tips For Your Parrot’s Potty Training

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

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Dear Parrot Lover,

Like a human baby, your Parrot needs to be potty trained. After all, you wouldn’t want your beloved pet to leave potty stains on your favorite rugs and upholstery, would you? Not only is it irritating, but it is unhygienic as well. To bring up a healthy and active Parrot, maintaining proper hygiene is vital.

Here are important tips for you to help you potty train your Parrot:

It is important for you to know their characteristics. This will make your job much easier. Look out for the cue and then take the action.

The next step is where you want your bird to defecate. I always advise my fellow Parrot owners to never let your bird poop inside their cage. By doing this, you can avoid the growth of germs inside the cage.

You can either use newspapers, a trash bag or a rag – simply anything that suits you. I usually prefer trash bags. They are easily disposable and hygienic. But make sure you use the same thing every time it poops. This will make him relate the two and it will gradually make it a habit.

While potty training your bird, use commands like ‘Go Potty’ or ‘Do it now’ or ‘Go Poop’ and relate it to potty training habits. Note down the time when your bird usually eliminates. Soon your pet will become accustomed to this new habit. With time, your bird may also start using the command ‘go potty’ itself. That would be really nice, isn’t it?

It’s always difficult to take the first step. It will take time. If your pet is an old bird, it will take longer to potty train it. Younger ones learn faster. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Always praise your bird after it has gone through the process. ‘Good bird’ or Well Done’ makes them feel happy and special. You can also hug and stroke them or keep a special treat aside for such sessions.

Your pet can sometimes move away from the trash bag or newspaper. If your chosen phrase is ‘Go potty’, use that. Gently hold the bird and bring it back to sit on the newspaper and repeat, ‘Go potty’.

Usually a bird defecates at an interval of 10 to 30 minutes. Make adjustments accordingly.

When a Parrot is getting ready to relieve itself, it’ll squat, crouch, flick its tail, step backward, or fluff its feathers. Look out for that sign. Be prepared the next time your bird does that.

However, even with repeated training, accidents may occur. Don’t reprimand your feathered friend for that. Be careful next time. Repeat your training, if needed. I am sure with time, your pet will learn to ‘Go potty’.

Remember that-

It is usually the early mornings when your bird first defecates.

Always use an excited voice while praising them. Bland voice seldom works.

A stressed bird will poop more frequently and will tend to disobey you.

Never punish your feathered pet if it fails to abide by your house training rules.

Here comes the vital part of house training your Parrot:

While potty training your pet you are spending a huge amount of time with it. Make full use of it and try to make these sessions as enjoyable as possible.

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