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Funny Birds…Owner’s share their experiences

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Hello Fellow Parrot Owners,

I wanted to share this with you. I am posting a couple of comments from our customers about their pet parrots. This has my team and me laughing all the time. I am sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Read on…

Our 6 month old quaker, Buster, can’t quite make out words yet, but when a female walks by his cage or says hello to him, he whistles cat calls and makes kissy sounds until they hold him.

Randy Nelson (South Carolina)

Whenever my bird, Duke, sees a truck go by the house he says: “hey buddy!”; He’s outrageous!

Will Barton (Georgia)

My little boy must really love Oprah! He whistles long tunes and bobs his head whenever he hears the commercial for Oprah — you know, that jingle that says “Get with the program, get with Oprah”.

Ben Davis (Florida)

I have an African Grey, Cocoa, and when she doesn’t want to go into her cage, she puts her head down and says “no no I don’t want to go!” I also have a quaker parrot named Ricky, and whenever we eat, Ricky just has to have whatever we have, then he’ll put his little head in the bowl and say “Mmmm is this good?”

Alohi (India)

Norman is a 3 year Congo African Grey who likes to incite riots in our otherwise quiet little home. Every day when we come in from work he starts with, “Hey, I’m starving here!” He then proceeds to ask all the other birds (we have 10), “are you hungry babies?” Next thing you know they’re all screaming and carrying like spoiled children wanting to be fed. I usually have to postpone preparing our own dinner ’til I feed my little monsters! Thanks a lot Norman!

Maxim (UK)

Female umbrella dances to Rod Stewart while sitting on the back ledge of my car where the speakers are. Couldn’t tell you how many times I was almost rear-ended while other motorist watched her bop her head and sway back and forth. She also knows how to swim when we go to the beach. Gets bored sitting on my shoulder while I fish, so I taught her how to use her wings while she flaps in the surf. She also likes to hit the keys on my keyboard while I surf the net. She chases our male cat around the house, snags him in the tail and yanks it!

Samantha Butler (Texas)

My bird Spirit the Hanhs Macaw has a toy that he puts on over his head, and talks to it, and grooms it like another bird! it is so funny!

My cockatiel, Casper, has a fake parrot that he sits on like a soft perch. So funny!

Nellie (New York)

I wanted to share a story of a bird my husband owned. His family had a scraggly old ugly black female dog named Yoda and this cute Pied cockateil named George. George would follow Yoda around, whistle (whooot whooo!) and then say “Hey Baby!” He thought Yoda was his girlfriend!

Thanks for letting me share!

Anna (California)

My bird Pepper, a peach-faced lovebird, knows every sound and stage of the clothes washer and dryer. He flies to get me when they are finished, and loves to jump into the clean laundry. His favorite game is to run at and “charge” one of the pink washcloths as I wave it, as if he is a bull. I say “ole!” to him.

Rick (Australia)

I am owned by 24 diff. types of birds of which most(cockateils) will whistle a few words. The favorite of the lot is a Derbyan, Simon; who is the greatest talker…he’ll call out,”Hello..Helloooooo” when I get home. Will tell me in a.m. when I’m leaving for work..”gotta go to work,yes I do…I’ll be back! “After giving everyone their greens..Simon will say “eat your vegetables…they’re good for you”. Whenever he and his mate get into an argument..he’ll say. “Girlfriend….don’t be naughty!!”. When cleaning their messes…he’ll call out..”messy~~messy babies”.

I just wanted to brag a bit on my wonderful feathered friends. Thank you for
this opportunity

Lee (Honk Kong)

Nathalie Roberts

Your Parrotís Best Christmas Yet!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

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