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Monday, March 30th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Welcome to my new Parrot Blog. I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

The important topic I will cover in my Blog today is Cage Placement. The right cage placement can solve a lot of behavioral problems of your Parrot.

Let me relate an incident. My friend Jake had a parrot who was very cranky. He used to scream a lot and would try to bite anyone who went too close to his cage. My friend and his family were obviously very worried. They went to the vet but the bird was physically fit.

Do you know what the vet suggested as an antidote?

He told my friend to change the position of the cage. They shifted the cage to the kitchen area. From there he could see everyone in the hall. Surprisingly, in a few weeks, he changed to a very sociable and perky fellow!

Apparently, from his former position, the parrot couldn’t see much of his human-family. And that irritated him. And the only way he knew of showing his irritation was through screaming and biting.

So, you can now understand how important the right placement of the cage is.

Here are a 10 basic guidelines that you should keep in mind while choosing the right place.


1. Keep the cage in a place from where he can see his human family. This helps in developing his social behavior.

2. Place it in a corner. If, for some reason, you have to place the cage in the center, make sure to cover at least 1/3 of the cage with cloth. That will give the bird a personal nook where he can retreat to.

3. Place the cage away from gusty winds.

4. Keep the cage somewhere high up in the air. It is best to hang the cage. Birds feel insecure on the ground.

======= Dont’s =======

1. Though your parrot needs to see everyone, don’t place him near a high traffic zone. Too many people coming into the room might make him nervous. Keep him at least five feet away from traffic.

2. Don’t place him near a window. Your parrot will always be worried about the predators he sees outside, and will try to be alert 24 hours a day. This will make him disagreeable and grumpy.

3. Place the cage away from cats.

4. Do not place the cage close to the TV.

5. And the last and most important thing to keep in mind regarding cage-placement is, allow your bird to establish his position in the environment you have placed him in.

6. Parrots don’t like changes. So once you have found a good place where you think he will feel safe and happy, don’t change it. Give him some time to get associated with the place.

Remember, the cage is your friend’s home. It should be such that it makes him feel comfortable and safe. A good cage goes a long way in keeping your parrot healthy and happy.

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Budgie News – Russell Tovey interview: A History Boy with a big future – Daily Telegraph

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

L to R: Andrew Knott as Lockwood, Dominic Cooper as Dakin, Russell Tovey as Rudge Middle L to R: James Corden as Timms, Jamie Parker as Scripps, Samuel Barnett as Posner, Samuel Anderson as Crowther Front Sacha Dhawan as Akhtar People think that they

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Conure News – Catch rare animal species at Sunway s wildlife park –

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

FROM the exotic Arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, to the adorable Falla Bella miniature horse, the smallest horse breed worldwide, Sunway Lagoon s newly-launched Wildlife Park is set to amaze visitors. Constructed around

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Parakeet News – Pocono Friday: Finding a home for animals; more pizza wars; East – Pocono Record

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Animals may once again have a place to go in the Poconos, thanks to pet rescue volunteers and public officials. They are working to reopen Monroe County’s PSPCA shelter. More turmoil at the state level. The head veterinarian has been fired. Yesterday

Simon Hoggart’s week: Mosquito net plea misses the point – Guardian Unlimited
I’m not the only person who is made queasy by Red Nose Day. We’re all in favour of raising money for the wretched of the earth, but the sight of those smug, hugely overpaid celebrities urging the rest of us to empty our pockets is condescending and

USC library receives rare first edition volumes for collection – WIS-TV
COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – A local philanthropist has given a special gift to the University of South Carolina. The gift is from leading Columbia educator and philanthropist, Susan Gibbes Robinson, who founded Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. Her father

Focus on education at Boatswain’s Beach – Caymen Net News
Ambassador animals Budgie the Monk Parakeet and Coco the Cayman Parrot help Boatswain s Beach Education staff Kristal Karjohn, Peter Borg and Geddes Hislop with their presentation, Cayman s educators from all levels had a chance to learn more

Woman says she had no vendetta against pet store – Corbin Times-Tribune
A statement made by Pat White Jr., Whitley County Judge-Executive, on the Whitley County Fiscal Court Web site, and in the Feb. 27 issue of The Times-Tribune regarding a neglected puppy states: this horrible picture on the Internet that several

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Parrot News – Bird Clubs of Virginia 25th Annual Convention –

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Bird Clubs of Virginia is a 501-(3) (c) supporting avian research and education. Friday 4-03-09 , Holistic & Homepathic Workshop beginning at 10:00 am, entry fee $25.00. Friday evening a Free Toy Workshop at 7pm, come learn how to make your parrots

OutwithTrout Seeks Hunterdon County Shopper Signatures – Bridgeton News
More than 900 county voters signed a petition seeking the recall of Sheriff Deborah Trout last weekend. In its first attempt to simultaneously collect signatures at venues around the county, set up at two shopping centers in Raritan

America must shed two party politics – Independent Florida Alligator
I have a strong stomach. Only a handful of things consistently turn my stomach contents into a downtown sidewalk display: catching a ride post or mid drinkathon, all songs Nickelback and when, like, people, like, say like all the time

The Pirate Parrot Rum Rating System – San Francisco Examiner
A 4 Parrot score be a score for any rum to be had. I have been asked a few times about my Parrot system of rating rum. So here is a brief explantion. 5 Parrots: Yar! this be a rum worthy of the gods. Poseidon himself be a lucky nave to be privileged

Cape Coral artist specializes in tikis – News-Press
A toothy grin here, a scowl there. When woodworker Jack Organo puts the finishing touches on one of his wood sculptures, the results are part art, part fun. Organo s canvases are chunks of wood cypress, pine and cabbage palm. A friend, who has

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3 Tips To Getting Your Parrot to Talk!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Does Your Parrot Talk?

Is your parrot shy? Does he make only garbled sounds or chirps? Would you like your parrot to have a wide vocabulary and to speak more eloquently?

In order for that to happen, you need to know how to teach your parrot to talk. Unfortunately, most parrot owners do not know how to do this and they mistakenly believe that only the larger parrots such as African Grays, Cockatoos or Macaws are the only parrots that can really talk properly. Any parrot can become talkative – as long as he receives the proper instruction!

#1 The easiest way to start teaching your parrot to talk is to pronounce all your words with great enthusiasm! Sounds like fun right? Exactly! Your parrot will quickly pick up on your excitement and will start to pronounce those fun sounding words too.

Do not become too carried away that you end up repeating your words over and over and over again. Instead, simply have a conversation with your parrot and explain to him what you are doing as you walk around the house doing your chores.

#2 Another simple task is to always greet your parrot with a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Goodbye’ whenever you leave your house and come home again. Your parrot will soon relate those words and sounds with your arrival and departure.

A word of caution though: Your parrot may not yet be ready and/or willing to learn to talk when the time suites you best. But you can easily figure out when the time is right by paying special attention to your parrot’s body language. When you parrot is ready to learn, his pupils will change whenever you speak to him. You will also notice him stop and stare intently at you as you enthusiastically pronounce your words to him. Never force your parrot to learn something as this will come across as a miscommunication with your parrot and might end up hurting your chances of effectively teaching your parrot to talk in the future.

#3 Another tip is make sure that words and phrases that you teach your parrot are words and sounds that you will not mind hearing for the next 20 – 70 years, as this how long most parrots can live to, given a good diet and proper care of course. You might like the sound of opera now, but will you still like it in 20 years?

You should also seriously consider the location of your parrot’s cage inside your house. Your parrot’s cage should be in an area where he will have the opportunity to watch and learn from the other people in your house, such your living room. As long as your Parrot is in the company of good conversation and in the right environment, he will learn to talk very soon.

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View Parrot Training Videos!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

How To Turn Your Obnoxious Parrot Into A Friendly Parrot

Is your parrot obnoxious? Does he have a mean streak? Has it comes almost too insufferable to live with your parrot?

Well you are not alone! There are many parrot owners the world over who find themselves in the same predicament as you do: They love their parrots very much but because of their parrot’s unruliness, they can’t get close to their parrot. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way at all!

By simply using time proven techniques, you can win over your parrot’s complete trust and once you have that, you will be well on your way to forging a new relationship with him.

Before embarking on such a challenge you should first make sure that you are well equipped to deal with your parrot’s fear. Because that is it what is really the problem – your parrot is afraid of you! Do you blame him? You are bigger than he is, you have more vocal ability than he does and you dictate when he is fed and how much! You also decide when he is allowed out of his cage to play!

Now that you understand things from your parrot’s point of view, you will then need to make sure that your parrot is physically ready to start to unlearn his unruliness. Make sure that your parrot’s nails are clipped as well as their wings as this will help to prevent you from being scratched or your parrot flying away. Then, choose a time to work with your parrot when he will be able to receive your undivided attention. You should also hold such a session during a time when things will be fairly quiet in your household. Any loud noises or other pets and people rushing by will be a terrible distraction to both you and your parrot. Right now, your parrot needs to know that he has your interest and that he is the only thing that matters to you at that moment.

Talk to your parrot in a very calming voice. Always try to impress upon your parrot that you are quite relaxed and confident. Once your parrot senses this, he will also become calm and relaxed as well.

During the beginning phase of your training sessions with your parrot, it is best to conduct them one-on-one. The person who has the most time to devote to the training sessions and to the parrot should be the one who conducts the training. Some parrots take much longer to tame than others, therefore, if you are impatient or inconsistent, your parrot may never become completely tame.

Keep in mind that parrots also like to communicate their affections through touch and may respond by wanting you to scratch their heads. When you do this, make sure that you approach your parrot slowly and make no sudden moves. This is one way to build up a trusting relationship between you and your parrot. Teach your parrot to step up onto your finger or a perch that you are holding in your hand. The ‘Step Up’ command is great for your parrots to learn as it makes handling them much easier.

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