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61 Years of “Parrot Experience”

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Most pet bird owners do not know how to adequately care for their pet bird. Are you one of the?

Every pet bird and parrot owner will need to have a strong level of commitment to their pet birds to provide the best possible care. All pet birds need daily and weekly maintenance, as well as a lot of love and attention from their owners.

One of the most important aspects of taking care of a pet bird is to consider the size of their cage. A typical rule of thumb is to buy the largest cage that you can afford for your pet bird. Make sure that your pet bird can turn around inside the cage without his wings or tail feathers touching the cage bars. There should be at least three different perches, each with a different diameter, as well as 5 different types of toys for your bird to play with. Remember to clean your bird’s cage thoroughly on a weekly basis.

Never give your pet bird chocolate or avocados to eat. Other foods that should never be fed to a parrot are rhubarb leaves, alcohol, caffeine or salty or fatty foods.

Parrots and other pet birds need to eat a diet that consists of pellets, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains. Watch out for those brightly colored pellets that are found in a lot of commercial parrot food as they actually contain sugared food coloring!

Remember that all birds love to bathe themselves and so you should provide your pet bird with a large water dish in which they can bathe. Just be sure to keep the water clean at all times!

All pet birds need exercise as well. Let your pet out of his cage to play for at least two hours each day. Your pet bird should also have his own play gym or tree stand to play on whenever he is out of his cage.

Do not try to clip your bird’s wings or nails by yourself until your avian vet has shown you how to do it properly on your own. It is always less stressful for your pet bird to have his wings and nails clipped at home by you, rather than at a veterinarian’s office.

For smaller birds such as Budgies and Cockatiels, place a cuttlebone inside their cage to help them trim their beaks on their own.

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The Last Parrot Training Books You’ll Buy

Monday, May 11th, 2009

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Dear Parrot Lover,

Is your pet bird naughty? Does it seem as if he or she is doing things just to spite you? Is your pet bird a screamer, a biter, or a plucker?

If you answered yes to any of these above questions, then the following training tips for pet birds is vitally important for you to read:

Keep in mind that the way in which you respond to your pet bird will leave a lasting impression!

Always try to remain as calm as you can when dealing with your pet bird.

Never, ever scream at your pet bird! By raising your voice, your pet bird will think that that you are playing some sort of game. Parrots love comic antics, and will quickly learn that if he continues to do whatever the naughty ‘thing’ is over and over again, you will respond by raising your voice and screaming; essentially you will be providing a show for your pet bird which he likes!

Always talk in a low, soft and calm voice to your pet bird, especially when you are reprimanding him.

Never, ever hit your pet bird, or throw things at him or his cage. All birds are extremely fragile creatures and it can take only the slightest bit of force to cause severe injury or death. Abusing a pet bird physically can lead to psychological problems in the long run.

Emotional abuse of a pet bird is just as detrimental as physical abuse is and can actually promote more aggression in your pet bird.

Even though your pet bird might bite you or scream, or perhaps even chew on your curtain, try not to hold a grudge. Most people do not realize how intelligent pet birds actually are! They are also very sensitive creatures. If you do have to show your disapproval with your pet bird’s behavior, make sure the lesson is both short and sweet. Prolonged negative attention can cause undue emotional stress for your pet bird.

Never punish your pet bird by withholding its food or water. This is considered animal cruelty and can cause serious physical and emotional damage to your pet bird. Compromising your pet bird’s health is never the right way to deal with any behavior problem.

Always use the ‘step up’ command so that your pet bird will step up onto your hand.

When praising your pet bird try to be as animated as possible. Most parrots and other pet birds are able to pick up on your facial expression. They can quickly get the idea as long as your body language expresses your dislike for his actions.

By just having patience, and showing your pet bird a lot of TLC, he will soon be acting like an angel in no time.

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