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It’s a ParrotSecrets Contest!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

“Claim Your Bragging Rights NOW!”

“Here’s How Thousands Of Others Show Off Their Parrots!”

The Only Question Left:
“When Will You Share Your Parrot’s Picture?”

It’s a celebration and a contest — and you’re invited! BYOP — Bring Your Own Parrot!

There’s nothing a parent loves more than showing off pictures of her children. And “parrot parents” are no different. You whip out those pictures in a heartbeat to anyone who even might have an interest in your bird. Isn’t that right?

It’s only natural to be proud! And now, it’s easier than ever to show off your clever . . . beautiful bird.

Personally, we’d love to see those photos!

Click here to learn all the details and enter your feathered friend right now

But don’t just stop at posting that photo — we want to hear about the antics of your bird . . . share with us the bond that you and he experience everyday. Clue us in on any secrets you may be keeping that might help others get to that level of love!

Why? Because we’re a close-knit community of bird lovers. And we thrive on photos and great stories.

And . . .

because we’re having a contest.
And look what you can win . . .

Yes, A Contest!

We’re looking for all sorts of breeds. And from all the breeds, we’ll choose one grand prize winner.

The owner of this wonderful parrot will receive a ParrotSecret eBook absolutely FREE! And of course, the satisfaction of knowing that their favorite bird is pretty darn special.

Interested? Of course you are.

Click here to learn all the details and enter your feathered friend right now

Once you click on to this site, you’ll discover all the important details of the contest on the site.

You’ll need to tell us your name, your email address as well as your parrot’s name and breed. We’d also like to know how you and your bird met. Did you adopt him, rescue him or was it simply destiny that brought you two together.

Then all you need to do is briefly describe your parrot. We’ve already got the questions for you — all you need to do is answer them.

Now, you wouldn’t want to miss either the contest or the celebration, now would you?

Come to post your bird’s photo. Visit to tell us how proud you are of him. Then linger over others who feel the same way about their birds.

Read about what other owners are going through. Share their joys . . and much more!

Yes! It’s that easy! And the moment you upload your parrot’s image, you and your feathered friend will be entered into our Contest Celebration.

But you have to hurry! The contest ends soon. And you certainly don’t want to miss your chance of bragging . . . showing off . . . your parrot! And you certainly don’t want to miss your chance at winning a FREE ParrotSecrets eBook.

And quite frankly, we don’t want you to miss out on the festivities either!

Don’t be left out in the cold! Enter now!

Show us your parrot TODAY!

Nathalie Roberts

Parrot Training For the Rest of Us!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Most parrot owners know that they have a very smart parrot. What other pet has the ability to use words and sounds to express themselves?

But what if your parrot doesn’t talk? Would you like to learn how to teach your Parrot to talk to you and have conversations with you?

Most parrot owners falsely believe that only bigger parrots like African Greys, Cockatoos or Macaws are the only parrots that can talk. The truth is, any parrot can learn to talk as long as they receive the right kind of instruction and support from their caring owners.

An easy way to start the teaching process is to always show enthusiasm for every word or phrase that you say to your parrot. Very quickly your parrot will pick up on your excitement and will then start to pronounce those words himself too.

Try not to repeat any word, but instead try to describe what you are doing to your parrot as you do your household chores. Always remember to say hello to your parrot when you come home and then also good bye when you are getting ready to leave home. Another easy phrase to teach your parrot is ‘Good Night’. You can say this every night before you put your Parrot to sleep.

Keep in mind that your parrot may not be ready or willing to learn to talk when you want to teach him. You can watch his body language to see if he is ready; noticing whether or not your parrot’s pupils change when you speak to him.

Most parrots live to 70 years or longer, so be sure to teach your parrot the sounds and words that you want to hear over and over again for the next seventy years.

Your parrot’s cage should be placed in an area of your house where he can always see and listen to you and other family members.

When starting a training program, choose a time of day when you and your Parrot can have each other’s undivided attention and when your parrot can concentrate only on your voice. This means not having the TV or radio on in the background.

Pretty soon your parrot will be talking up storm and will become the ‘talk of the town’, once your family and friends learn about his amazing talking ability!


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Be honest, one of the reasons you adopted your parrot was because you dreamed of a bird that would talk with you, . . sing with you . . . amaze your friends and families with tricks.

But you also want the bond that can only occur when the two of you trust each other. And right now, while you’re struggling to train him, that bond just isn’t happening!

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What are you waiting for? The sooner you check out this amazing volume on parrot training the sooner you can enjoy the rewarding relationship with your parrot.

Get Your Hands on ‘Crazy About Parrots’
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Your parrot will be glad you did!

Nathalie Roberts