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6 No-Fail Parrot Talking Tips!

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Every parrot owner was drawn to their parrots vibrant feather colors and unique personality. Very few were drawn to the talking abilities of their parrots!

Why? Because most parrots that are kept as household pets today do not talk. They do not know how. Why? Because their owner hasn’t taught them how.

It doesn’t really matter whether you have tried to teach your parrot to talk or not. Odds are that you are doing it wrong!

All parrots are intelligent and have the ability to learn speak coherent sentences, phrases and words. All they need is for their owners to teach these words to them in a way that facilitates quick learning.

It is not just the African Grey Parrots or the Cockatoo’s of the parrot world that can talk. Any parrot can learn to talk as long as they receive proper instruction and support from their owners.

A very easy tip to remember is to demonstrate a lot of excited enthusiasm for the words and phrases that you speak to your parrot. Within in no time at all, your parrot will have picked up on your enthusiasm and in his excited state will try to pronounce those fun sounding words as well.

Although it may be hard to do at first, try not to repeat words over and over again to your parrot, as they will not understand what you are trying to teach them. Parrots learn by association, so, whenever you are leaving the house remember to say ‘good-bye’ to your parrot and ‘hello’ upon your return. This way you are teaching your parrot words that are associated with certain actions. Once your parrot has that visual cue, the words will start to flow out of his mouth.

Not all parrots are ready and willing to learn to talk when the time suites you, however, a great clue to know when your parrot is ready to learn something, is by noticing whether or not his pupils change whenever you speak to him. You will also notice him stop and stare intently at you as you talk to him.

Although it would be fun to show your talking parrot off to your friends and neighbors, remember that your parrot may live a long life, sometimes longer than you! Do not teach your parrot bad words, sounds or phrases as it may restrict his acceptance amongst your family and neighbors.

Keep your parrot’s cage in the family room so that he can learn to talk by listening and watching all the members of your family.

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Nathalie Roberts

Your Parrot Craves This

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Welcome to my new Parrot Blog.I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

Every parrot owner desires a pet parrot that will not only love them unconditionally but will also be well behaved. Sadly, not every parrot owner is granted this wish, simply because they do not know how to properly train their pet parrots.

When deciding to train your parrot, there are a few pointers that you should continue, the most important being that how you respond to your parrot’s behavior will affect your parrot’s attitude towards you.

Remember, that no matter how annoyed or frustrated you become, you should never, under any circumstances, hit your parrot or throw things at your parrot’s cage. Parrots are also very fragile animals and just the smallest bit of force can lead to a serious injury and even death. Physically abusing any parrot can cause psychological problems for the parrot and even lead to more aggression in your parrot.

Do not continue to show your disapproval at your parrot’s behavior as this can cause undue emotional stress for your parrot. Instead, keep your parrot’s training session short, sweet and to the point.

Never punish your parrot by withholding its food! Not only is that cruel, but it could also cause serious physical and emotional damage to your parrot. Instead use treats as a reward for accomplishing certain mile stones.

As funny as it sounds, try to appear as comical as possible whilst training your parrot. Parrots can quickly pick up on their owner’s facial expressions and will quickly learn as long as your body language expresses your dislike for your parrot’s behavior. At the same time, be sure to speak softly to your parrot. However, the tone of your voice should not be too low or too loud.

When your training session is over, allow your parrot to go back into his cage or onto a play stand for a rest period. Wait at least half an hour before you go back to your parrot and play with him so that he knows he did a good job.

All parrots have their own unique personality and intelligence level. Some parrots will learn faster than other parrots of the same species. Do not be too discouraged if your parrot does not seem to enjoy his training sessions with you. If you are consistent with the training sessions, your parrot will eventually learn what is expected of him.

Keep in mind that patience and perseverance go a long way in training parrots effectively. Remember to provide your parrot with lots of tender, loving care and he will quickly become a very well behaved parrot.

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