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Your Parrot’s Behavior

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Welcome to my new Parrot Blog.I am sure all the Parrot lovers across the globe will be have a great time while interacting through this Blog.

Parrots are amazing creatures because they have the ability to learn new words and concepts in order to express themselves to their families.

However, parrots need to learn how to talk and they rely on their owners to teach them.

It’s not just the big parrots like Macaws and African Grays that can learn to talk – ALL parrots have the ability to talk as long as they receive the right kind of training and support from their owners.

Start by showing enthusiasm for every word or phrase that you speak to your parrot. He will soon pick up on your excitement and will start to pronounce those words himself.

Avoid repeating words and rather use words and phrases to describe your actions to your parrot. This way he will be able to quickly make a physical association with the words that he is learning from you. For example, saying good bye to your parrot every time you leave home will teach your parrot that when you say ‘good bye’ you will leave the house for a while but will be back later.

Since it is likely that your parrot will outlive you, make sure that you teach your parrot appropriate sounds and words as you will probably have to listen to them for many years to come!

Place your parrot’s cage in the family room so that he can hear and see the family members and TV or Radio as this will help him learn faster. But turn them off when you are trying to teach your parrot a specific word or phrase as these are distractions and you need to have your parrot’s undivided attention.

Soon you will have a talking parrot that will be the ‘talk of the town’, once your family and friends learn about his amazing talking ability!

One thing to remember though is that your parrot may not be ready to learn to talk when you are ready to teach him. Do not push him as this will have a negative consequence.

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3 Simple Steps to Parrot Training

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Parrots are extremely intelligent creatures and should be treated with the utmost love and respect. Because of their ability to learn, there are 10 things that you should be aware of when training your parrot:

1. Remember that how you interact with your parrot will have a lasting impression with him.

2. Remember to always remain calm whenever you are interacting with your parrot.

3. Remember to never scream at your parrot, no matter what he says or does! When you raise your voice, your parrot immediately thinks that you are playing some sort of game and will also scream in order to play with you.

4. Remember to speak slowly, softly and calmly to your parrot, especially when you are reprimanding him.

5. Remember to never hit your parrot or throw things at him or his cage. Parrots are very fragile and can become injured very easily if they are manhandled. Abusing a pet bird physically can lead to psychological problems in the long run.

6. Remember to not tease your parrot unfairly. Emotionally abusing your parrot is the same as physically abusing your parrot and will ultimately lead to aggression in your parrot towards you.

7. Remember to never hold a grudge, no matter how bad your parrot is. Parrots are very sensitive and will understand that they have done something wrong just by seeing your facial expression and body language. Prolonged negative attention can cause undue emotional stress for your parrot so liven up as soon as you believe that you parrot has learnt that he did something wrong.

8. Remember that punishing your parrot by withholding food and water is abuse and can lead to serious physical and emotional damage to your parrot. Compromising your parrot’s health is never the right way to deal with any behavior problem.

9. Remember to use the ‘step up’ command so that your parrot will step up onto your hand.

10. Remember to be very enthusiastic whenever you praise your parrot, as they can pick up on your facial expression and will quickly learn through your actions.

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#1 Question No Parrot Owner Wants To Ask

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Pet birds one of the most popular household pets. Even so, most pet bird owners do not have a clue about proper nutrition and care for their pet bird.

The most common mistake that pet bird owners make concerning bringing their new pet home is purchasing the wrong sized cage for their bird. Here the general rule of thumb is to purchase the biggest cage that you can afford. Be sure that your bird will have plenty of space inside the cage so that when he turns around on his perch, neither his outstretched wings nor his tail feathers touch either side of the cage. The cage should also have a minimum of three different diameter perches, as well as at least 5 different kinds of toys to play with. Lastly, the cage should be easy to clean as it will need to be maintained on a weekly basis.

Your pet bird must always have fresh water available. Birds love bathing and so you should either provide your bird with a large water dish for him to bathe in, or use a spray bottle and gently mist him with water.

In order to obtain proper nutrition, be sure to feed your pet bird a diet of pellets, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains. Take not on how many colored pellets are mixed in with your bird’s food and try to avoid them. These colored pellets actually contain sugared food coloring that can be harmful to your bed in large quantities.

Never feed chocolate, avocados, rhubarb leaves, alcohol, caffeine, salty or fatty foods to your pet bird as these can kill him.

Pet birds should be allowed to play for at least 2 hours a day outside of their cage. Provide your bird with his own tree stand or tabletop play gym and place it the family room.

Do not attempt to clip your birds wings or nails before you have asked your avian veterinarian to show you how to do it properly first. You can help keep your bird’s nails and beak nice and trim by providing him with a concrete perch or cuttlebone inside the cage.

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