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The Perfect Parrot Can Be Yours!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Bringing home a new baby bird or a recently adopted parrot can be a very exciting time for you and your family. Be sure to makes your parrots transition into his new home as easy as possible by purchasing a few necessary supplies beforehand.

First, make sure that you purchase the largest cage that you can afford. Check to see that the bar spacing is narrow enough to prevent your bird from getting his head stuck between the bars. Also, your parrot should be able to flap his wings and turn around without touching either sides of the cage.

Second, place at least three different types of perches, with each having different diameters that are appropriate to your bird’s foot size. Good examples include natural branches, rope perches or concrete pedicure perches that help to keep your parrot’s nails trim.

Third, be sure to buy appropriate sized toys. The best toys will match your parrot’s playing style, but since he is a new bird, you may not know what his playing style is just yet. Therefore, look for toys that provide a variety of playtime options. Among these should be a toy that can be chewed on without parts being ingested, feather toys for preening, swings, puzzle toys and, of course the most important: foraging toys.

Fourth, buy a good quality play gym for your parrot to play on when he is out of his cage. This should be easily movable so that you can take your bird with you into any room.

Fifth, your bird will need an indestructible carrier as well. You should modify it and drill holes inside the carrier for a perch, toy and food and water cups.

Sixth, you new parrot will need a specific type of food that has been created for his stage in life. Check with the breeder, previous owner, or pet store to help you buy the right food. Your parrot should also be given a variety of seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables as well.

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Convince Your Parrot To Learn!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Having a Parrot who bites is, sadly, a way of life for most parrot owners. But it does not have to be that way at all!

Unfortunately, once an owner has been bitten by their parrot, it can be extremely hard for them to trust their parrot not to bite them again. Once this happens, things usually start to go downhill. It is always best to keep up your confidence when engaging with your parrot. Remember, if you are nervous around your parrot, they will sense that and be nervous too. When a parrot is nervous or frightened he may become aggressive and bite purely out of protection for himself, whether or not you meant any harm to him.

Understanding your parrot’s behavior is another way to avoid being bitten. Never force your parrot to do something that he does not want to immediately do. If you do, your parrot may bite you as way of telling you that he does not want to do whatever it is that you want him to do. For example, never force your parrot to come out of his cage. Your parrot will probably bite your hand as he will feel that you are invading his space. Instead, leave the door of your parrot’s cage open and allow your parrot to come out on his own time.

There are very subtle behavior signs that your parrot will display just before he reaches out to nip you. By learning to identify these signs, not only will you be able to prevent your parrot from biting you ever again, but you will also be able to identify the triggering factors that lead up to a bite in the first place.

Fluffing out feathers and pinning eyes, are some of the warning signs that parrots display to show that they are fearful and are preparing to bite.

Pay careful attention to these subtle behavior signs! If are not aware of them, you can rest assured that your parrot will bite you, which will cause you to flinch and scream out in pain. And, since every parrot loves drama, your parrot will love the reaction he gets from you when he bites you.

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