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Plan A Mind-Blowing Christmas For Your Parrot

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Christmas is just round the corner (almost knocking at your door) and I know by now you must be dressing up once again to celebrate another Grand Season of joy and merrymaking.

I too have been nurturing my own plans to celebrate this Christmas in a special way.

Special way? Oh yes. You see, I’ve been long toying with the idea of doing something special this Christmas, something extraordinary and singular – something really special for our feathered friends.

And finally, after days of thinking hard about it, I’ve hit the jackpot!

I’ve come up with the perfect idea to make this Christmas extra-special for you and your Pet Bird.

Presenting I-Love-My-Parrot Christmas Special Mega Gift Package – that too at an unbelievably & astonishingly low low price.

It is a perfect Christmas gift for your feathered friend – The I-Love-My-Parrot Christmas Package, the best of all Parrot training and behavior information, neatly packed into one real value combo-pack.

Even Santa Claus will be surprised himself with the amount of goodies overflowing this package.

For the time being I have decided to include the following products. But hey, it’s Christmas we are talking about. Therefore, on a whim I can add a few more as well.

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The I-Love-My-Parrot Christmas Package is full of absolutely fabulous contents – Four e-books and Two DVDs packed into one complete package.

1. Ultimate Parrot Secrets Revealed

This includes four ebooks covering essential Parrot knowledge such as how to choose the perfect parrot for you, how to inspire your parrot to talk meaningful words, how to train your parrot to do amazing tricks, parrot diet, parrot disease and how to protect your parrot from them and also some crucial training warnings- simply a must-have for your parrot.

2. Owner’s Guide To A Happy And Playful Parrot

A successful professional audio/video training guide for all Parrot owners containing two breakthrough DVDs:

DVD 1: “How To Easily Tame And Train A Parrot And Turn It Into A Playful Pet”

This DVD is a complete guide on training and taming your parrot. Besides that, it covers topics like how to create a loving bond with your parrot, how to feed your baby paarot, bird hygiene etc.

DVD 2: “Three Ways To A Happy Parrot – Proper Diet, Radiant Health And Good Rearing”

This DVD deals with common Parrots’ Health issues sand some real-life problems faced by most of the parrot owners. This DVD will surely help you solve your parrots’ behavior problems like biting, screaming and feather plucking.

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As I said before, I am repeating it yet again…

I might add more goodies…on a whim! So keep checking your Inbox!

I need to sign off now, since I have so much to do and so little time is left.

Stay tuned for more information on the Christmas Mega Blow Out Sale!

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I’ll be back soon with more exciting news on my forthcoming grand event of the year.

Warm wishes

Nathalie Roberts

#1 Parrot Point Every Owner Must Know!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Dear Parrot Lover,

Parrots are not like cats and dogs. They require special care and nurturing in order to thrive properly. Unfortunately, not every parrot owner knows how to adequately care for their parrot.

The first thing that every parrot owner needs is a strong level of commitment to their parrot to provide it with the best possible care. This means having lots of patience and love as well as educating yourself on the proper care and handling of parrots.

Parrots are very good at hiding when they are sick. By the time you realize it, it is probably too late to help your parrot. So it is vitally important for you to regularly take your parrot to the vet for a health check up. You should also keep a vigilant eye on your parrot and take him to the vet as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary with his behavior.

You should also educate yourself on the different kinds of illnesses that parrots can succumb to, as well as how to administer first aid for your parrot.

Ask your avian vet to teach you how to trim your parrot’s nails and wings at home. It is less stressful for your parrot to have his nails and wings clipped by you at home, rather than at the vet’s office.

Keeping your parrot healthy also means feeding him healthy foods. Parrots should be eating a diet of seeds, pellets, fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. However, avoid buying commercial parrot food that has too many brightly colored pellets as they actually contain sugared food coloring!

Parrots should never be fed chocolate, avocados, rhubarb leaves, alcohol, caffeine or salty or fatty foods.

Your bird should not spend all of its time in its cage. So make sure that you have play stand for him to play on for at least two hours every day.

However, the size and placement of your parrot’s cage will greatly affect his health and happiness. Therefore, it is best to try to buy the largest cage that you can afford. Your parrot should be able to turn around inside the cage without his wings or tail feathers touching the bars. Remember to clean your bird’s cage thoroughly on a weekly basis.

The cage should be placed in a corner of a room that receives a lot of traffic, such as the family room. Just don’t put your parrot too close to the TV as this can hurt his ears!

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Regards, Nathalie Roberts