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Perhaps you own a parrot like Vida

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

There’s a True Parrot Lover’s
Universe Waiting for You

Dear Parrot Lover,

It’s hard to imagine a richer online resource for parrot owners than the social networking offered at

From information on all known bird types (from Accentor to Umbrella Cockatoo) to regularly featured bird types (with descriptions of the type and its natural habitats) to health and training tips to member forums (with pet blogs) to parrot expert Cindy (get just the advice you need) to Rainbow Bridge (a “Place for the Pets We’ve Loved and Lost”) this site delivers exactly what you and your parrot need.

Click here and fly to this exciting world

The #1 community of birds and bird owners on the Web

You might not know as much as you think you do about your parrot. Here’s your chance to exchange experiences with other owners and to get answers to some of those niggling questions you have (I-s it the bird, or is it me?).

Read and comment on thousands of bird blogs posted by birds. Birds have plenty to say, if given the chance, so tune in and find out what they’re thinking and the experiences they like to share.

Tap into the immense library of articles, photos, videos and other resources to find the tidbit you’re looking for, or to discover new things about the parrot you own.

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It’s the dynamic interactivity that is so rich

It’s one thing to go online to find some information. It’s another thing altogether to go online and step into a worldwide family of fellow parrot lovers just waiting for you to join them and to participate in building an even bigger and better community.

Your parrot will love it as much as you do. What bird wouldn’t feel good knowing that it can speak to other birds all over the world and help other bird owners build better awareness of what birds want and need?

It costs nothing to become a member. Just complete a simple form to set up your account, and you’re in. With just a few clicks you and your parrot will instantly gain hundreds of new friends.

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Meet Vida

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Vida is a blue and yellow Macaw.

Favorite Food : corn on the cob
Favorite Activity : watching judge shows
Favorite Toy : toy that holds peanuts
Energy Level :

Vida’s owner says: Vida is a stunning bird that came to my private bird rescue/sanctuary in 2009. I call her a girl as she is so sweet, but I really don’t know. She say’s “out” when she wants on the play stand, and yells “come here” when she can’t see me. She has become comfortable in her new home and is now one of the flock. She has a club foot and is missing a toe, but it doesn’t slow her down. She loves to watch TV, eats like a football player, and gives kisses. I wonder if she knows she’s a bird.

Click here to join Vida and friends


Nathalie Roberts

Your parrot canít wait to talk to you

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Dear Parrot Lover,

Birds, especially Parrots, have the inherit ability to love their caretakers – you!

But they also have another inherit ability – to learn words and phrases! In effect, parrots can learn to talk.

Have you ever heard a parrot talking? Isn’t it the most amazing thing you have ever heard? Parrots truly are amazing animals simply because, unlike other household animals, they can be taught to new words and concepts that will help them express themselves to their human families more clearly.

However, parrots need to learn how to talk properly and so they rely heavily on their loving and kind owners to teach them.

Forget about African Greys’ and Macaws’ being the only parrots that can talk. Any parrot can be taught to talk as long their owners know how to teach them correctly.

Parrot talking lessons should be conducted by someone who has a lot of love for the parrot, as well as a lot of patience too. Start teaching your parrot to talk by first showing enthusiasm for each word that you say to him. Quickly he will notice your obvious excitement and will start to pronounce those words all by himself.

Allow your parrot to practice those words on his own. Pretty soon, in his own time, he will have mastered those words and will be speaking them quite clearly.

One thing to keep in mind when conducting your parrot talking classes, is to try and avoid repeating words over and over again to your parrot. This will only confuse your bird and he will not learn anything.

A good idea is to use words and phrases to describe what you are doing. This way, your parrot will quickly make a physical association with the words that you are teaching him, such as saying ‘good night’ when you are covering your parrot’s cage at bedtime.

Pretty soon all your friends and neighbors will want to come visit you to see and hear your parrot talking!

Parrots Turn from Resisting Training
To Starting Conversations!

Teach Your Parrot To Talk Right NOW

That would be hard to believe, if you didn’t know Chet Womach.

We’ve introduced you parrot lovers to Chet in previous newsletters, and now he’s wowing us again, this time with his Parrot Speech Training System.

In his usual energetic and persistent style, he sought out and found what really works, and in his search discovered an “ornery” 80-year old man who is simply a genius at parrot training. All of the jewels Chet found and collected from this accomplished trainer, and others, are now available to you in his latest speech training system.

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Birds Teach Birds

Parrots learn to talk 10 times faster when they hear words spoken by other parrots. Whatever the reason for this (maybe inter-flock communication?), it’s a discovery that Chet has incorporated into his latest training course.

Collecting tons of recordings of speaking birds from students who had used his earlier “Teach Your Parrot to Talk on Cue” course, Chet went through a lot of trial and error to figure out the combinations of word volume, time delay between words and clarity that are most effective. The resulting recordings, delivered as part of the new Parrot Speech Training System, are incredibly powerful.

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If you really want your parrot to learn dozens (maybe even hundreds) of words, sing songs, whistle tunes and start conversations, don’t delay:

It doesn’t matter if you think your bird is too old, too tough or too stubborn

Learn what 76% of parrot owners surveyed are doing that teaches parrots to not talk when they are around

Discover the psychological motivations of parrots to learn (they’ll almost beg to be taught!)

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Nathalie Roberts