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Meet Other Bird Lovers!

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Dear Parrot Lover,

Meet Other Bird Lovers!

Would You Like to Network with People Just Like You?

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“How To” videos that cover a wide range of topics for pet owners.

Call it the MySpace or Facebook of the pet world! You can socially connect with bird lovers just like you via You Pet: A Global Pet Community. Your parrot can be hooked up with his own profile, photo, favorite activities listing, and more!

In this very internet world, every bird deserves his own spot on the web. It gives you the chance to share just how special your bird is to you.

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Birds of a Feather .

You got it .Flock together! You Pet gives you the chance to meet bird minded people just like you. Who better to know how cute your bird is or share in the joy when your bird learns a new word? You can upload photos, videos, and share all kinds of information about your bird with fellow bird folks all around the world.

Use it as a tool to keep people in touch with what’s going on in your pet life. Family and friends that live away from you can enjoy seeing what you train your bird to do next! It keeps you connected.

The best part is that everyone is welcome. This isn’t just a site for fancy birds, expensive birds, talking birds, etc. Whether you have a 20 year old Cockatoo, 2 year old finch, or a 1 year old chicken, everyone can enjoy the fun!

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More Than a Social Network

You Pet is more than just social networking. In addition to contests and games, there are real bird owning resources. You’ll find information like:

Featured bird types with information on those birds

Videos from fellow bird lovers

Pet forum where you can connect with other bird lovers and ask questions and find support

Blogs specifically about birds. You can even write your own, if you want.

You Pet also gives you the opportunity to find people and birds close to you. The option is up to you as to whether you make closer connections or keep them further away. You never know, there might be someone very near you for a bird get together!

Other Pets

If you happen to be one of millions of people that have more than one pet, You Pet offers you the ability to connect with others based on whatever kind of pet you own: dog, cat, horse, fish, and more.

Join the phenomenon of the on-line world and start meeting bird people like you!

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Nathalie Roberts

Bird Talk: More than a Scream

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Dear Parrot Lover,

It is a very well known fact that birds, especially parrots, are very sociable creatures. In fact, even in the wild you will always hear a group of parrots chatting and calling to each other. As a parrot owner you have the obligation to provide this type of socialization with your parrot at home.

The easiest way to do this is to teach your parrot to speak. Don’t worry! Teaching your parrot to speak is not as hard as you think!

Parrots are extremely intelligent creatures that have a natural ability to learn words and phrases. Surely you have watched a television, movie or stage show in which there was a brightly colored parrot who conversed with the other actors? Whilst that parrot may not have been the star of the show, chances are that he or she brought a laugh to the viewers as they listened in amazement. Well your parrot can talk like that as well. In fact, all parrots can learn to speak, not just performing parrots.

Furthermore, parrots can actually be trained to speak certain words and phrases that they can then use to help them communicate with their owners more effectively. In order for parrots to do this they first need to be talk to speak properly – and this is where you, the owner, comes in.

Once you have made the decision to teach your parrot to speak, you will need to set aside a particular time during the day when you will be able to have a training session with your parrot that will be undisturbed by other family members. Your parrot should be able to fully concentrate on you and the words that you are saying. Make sure that there is no television or radio blaring in the background either as this can be a distraction to both you and your parrot.

For your first training session, it is a good idea to show a lot of enthusiasm for the words and phrases that you want your parrot to learn. By doing this your parrot will want to repeat the sounds that you are making that are causing you such happiness. Make learning fun for your parrot. Parrots love games and will learn faster if their training sessions are kept short and entertaining.

Whenever you are doing something that your parrot can see, always explain to your parrot what you are doing. This will help your parrot to make a verbal connection to your physical actions. For example, remember to always say ‘Hello’ to your parrot every time you come home from work or school. In the morning when you are uncovering your parrot’s cage, greet him by saying ‘Good Morning’. Your parrot should then be given some time to practice these words by himself. Soon enough your parrot will be greeting you in the morning before you’ve even had a chance to uncover him!

Bird Talk: More than a Scream

Have You Dreamed of Having a Bird that Talks and Doesn’t Just Scream?

Just about every bird owner, particularly those that own parrots, have dreamed of having a bird that whistled, sang, and learned a variety of words to share. Many are disappointed to find that the bird they got doesn’t do much beyond a simple word here or there but prefers to scream instead!

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Your Bird Can Learn to Speak!

All of the speaking birds can learn how to speak more than a simple word or two. Often times we just don’t know the exact right way to go about teaching those words to them. The Real Speech System shows you exactly how any bird can learn to whistle, sing for you, and carry on a

Impress family and friends with a bird that is delight to spend time with. No more:

Squawking for attention

Screaming at ear piercing decibels

Feather plucking

Naughty behaviors

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Change Your Relationship with Your Bird

It’s simple: The reason you’ll have less screaming, feather plucking, and naughty behaviors is because you’ll reward your bird for the right behaviors like learning new words!

This can be a relationship changing experience as you learn how smart your bird really is. You’ll also feel a great sense of pride in being able to train your own bird.

The Real Speech System is being offered for a limited time on a 30 day trial basis. Be sure to take advantage of this training system before the time is up!

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Nathalie Roberts