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Turn Your Parrot into More than a Cage Accessory

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Dear Parrot Lover,

Parrots can be pleasant, clown-like creatures that bring their owners much happiness and pleasure. But only if they are trained properly from the get-go! It is extremely important that you command train your parrot to respond to your verbal instructions, as this not only helps in establishing yourself as the flock leader, but it also works to ensure that your parrot will be able to be handled safely in case of an emergency. Not every parrot owner knows that are four simple commands to train your parrot to respond and obey to: “Step Up”, “Step Down”, “No”, “OK”

The “Step Up” command is probably the most important command you will ever teach your parrot. This command is used whenever you would like your parrot to step up onto your finger or perch. Train your parrot to respond to this command by tenderly pressing your index finger against his or her chest. This will gently cause your parrot to want to take a step forward and they will then step up onto your finger.

When you want your parrot to step down off of your finger, you should teach them to respond to the “Step Down” command. This can be easily taught by holding your parrot behind a perch that you wish him or her to step down onto and gently tilt your hand down towards the perch whilst commanding “Step Down”. Naturally, your parrot will take a step down off of your index finger and down onto their perch.

The next best command to train your parrot to acknowledge is the “No” command. This is taught whenever your parrot does something you don’t want him or her to do. Saying “No” is much better than saying “stop it” or “bad bird”, as these words sound humorous to your parrot and they will have little understanding of the seriousness behind these words.

The “OK” command is said to your parrot whenever he or she makes up their own mind to do something that you haven’t yet given them permission to do. Repeating this command will help you stay at the top of your parrot’s household pecking order, whilst simultaneously reiterating to your parrot to obey you.

These four commands can be quite easily taught to your parrot and can be a true lifesaver in the case of emergency. Your parrot will know that he or she needs to “Step Up” or “Step Down” whenever they need to be moved quickly from their cage into their carrier for a quick trip to the vet.

In addition training your parrot to respond to these commands will cement a lifelong trusting relationship between the two of you.

Turn Your Parrot into More than a Cage Accessory

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A pet parrot can be a lifelong companion with its delightful antics, but he can also be a screaming, biting, mean mess of a bird if not trained properly.

Instead of living with a bird like that, why not learn from a Master parrot trainer what to start doing today to help your bird become a well-rounded member of the family?

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Now no parrot has to live his life in a little cage! Instead, proper training helps him become a real member of the family.

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Nathalie Roberts

Secrets to a Happy Parrot

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Dear Parrot Lover,

Secrets to a Happy Parrot

Create the Bird of Your Dreams

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Parrots are beautiful creatures that have a very long life span and bond tightly to a human partner. They can talk, sing, do tricks, and so much more that we become entranced by them. But, we aren’t always prepared when we bring a parrot into our home!

Sometimes our joyful parrot turns out to be a screamer!!! Perhaps he turns into a biter. Remember these beaks are made for cracking and breaking, and if you’re not careful, you can have your fingers broken too.

The good news is that there are ways to make any bird, even the meanest bird, a wonderful companion.

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Training Your Way to the Perfect Bird

Sometimes the key to the perfect bird is just a better understanding of how to train and communicate with the bird. Just like training your dog improves your relationship, so does training your bird.

In Parrot Secrets, you can learn exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your bird. For example, you’ll learn things like:

How you should NOT react to a screaming bird to help change his habit

Why your bird’s cage placement makes a difference

What kinds of toys your bird should have and why

Dealing with a maturing ‘teenage’ bird and his antics

Why your bird should be eating more than just seed

How to avoid a parrot purchase mistake: selecting the right parrot for you

How to figure out why your bird is actually biting you

Parrot Secrets, a 4 e-book series written by a bird expert, gives you proven ways to change bad behaviors but also how to encourage fun stuff too. You can learn how to easily teach him things like:

Parrot tricks like waving, shaking, and potty training

How to sing, whistle, and talk

How to be affectionate and loving

The best part is that Parrot Secrets utilizes positive treatment towards birds, and there is NO punishment involved in training at all!

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Satisfied Clients Tell the Story Best

“I applied your techniques to stop my bird from biting the first day I got your info and she was almost completely cured of that habit within a week – and within two weeks – no more biting.” Kimberly Olson

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“After receiving your course of study, I realized how wrongly I was trying to train Sherlock. Today, he finally responded correctly when I made my request to count, and he received a treat and praise as a reward. We are on our way to successful training.” Ethel Sherman

“This book puts its ideas into terms that you can understand, many things not thought of by the general population such as bathing, preventing illness… useful tips about cage placement… and definite direction as to WHAT NOT TO DO. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about having birds as house pets of any breed. (Brenda A. La Platte, Jupiter, Florida)

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Nathalie Roberts