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Biting, Screaming, and Pain

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Dear Parrot Lover,

Does your parrot do one, or more, of the following:



Ignores you

Attempts to fly away at every chance

Refuses to come out of their cage when you want them to

Doesn’t keep quiet

If you answered yes to any of these take heart that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a naughty parrot. Quite the contrary actually! It means that your parrot is simply untrained, not naughty. Parrots do not have the real capacity of being naughty like a human child does.

However, since most large parrots have the mental capacity of a toddler, they also have the ability to learn new behaviors, as well as to unlearn old, unwanted ‘naughty’ behaviors too. But the same can be said of you too. In other words, you can also learn new ways to teach your naughty parrot, as well as learning to identify your actions and words you choose that has a direct effect on your parrot.

For example, if your parrot bites you and you react by screaming, dropping your parrot, or worse – hitting your parrot, you are effectively teaching your parrot that by biting you, he will be ‘rewarded’ with a show: you jumping up and down in pain and making lots of noise! They will also learn that be biting you they are assured to be left alone for a while.

Instead, if your parrot bites you, although you will be in a pain, do not scream or jump away. Rather tilt your finger back while it is still in your parrot’s beak, causing your parrot to have his head tilt backwards forcing him to lose his balance and let go of your finger. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, your goal here is to get your parrot to stop biting you as quickly as possible. Now they have learned that whenever they bite you they will lose their balance and since this is completely unnatural to them, they will be hesitant in the future of biting you again.

The best way to train your naughty parrot is with lots of love, kindness, understanding and patience; by doing so you will reinforce a relationship with your parrot that is based on trust and unconditional love.

Biting, Screaming, and Pain

Does this sound like you? Biting, screaming, and pain?

Now I didn’t say who was biting, who was screaming, and who was in pain, but if you own a bird with issues, more likely than not, you’re the one screaming and in pain!

Owning a bird can be an enjoyable experience, but birds require training much like your average dog. Without the proper socialization and training, an adolescent or even older bird can develop aggressive behavioral tendencies. Biting the hand that feeds the bird is one surefire way to control what that human does!

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Stop the Biting

Birds at their heart are emotional and social creatures. They form deep bonds that last a lifetime. This is why, in the absence of another bird, they will try to form this bond with an owner. Problems can arise along the way. The bird may become aggressive towards someone other than the person the bird is bonded to. Or, the bird may use aggression to control his bonded person. In either case, when a parrot’s beak meets human skin, it never ends well and is very painful.

Some of the worst biting issues occur with birds that have been allowed to become young adolescents with no training at all. Bad and often aggressive habits can form. Any bird rescue center can tell you how extremely difficult it is to place a bird with behavioral issues, particularly aggressive issues.

Can you “fix” a bird like this? The good news is YES you can. It takes time, patience, and re-training, but if you understand how the bird got to this point in the first place, it can be undone.

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My Naughty Parrot

If you’re owned by a bird using biting to control you, you likely can’t imagine a better place, but it’s there! My Naughty Parrot is an e-book written by someone just like you who had to go through the experience of an out-of-control adolescent bird. He was ruling the home with an iron beak! Her journey to fix her own bird is what led to My Naughty Parrot.

The book will show you why birds even become aggressive and how they use this aggression with people. More importantly, it will show you what to do about it. The author totally transformed her aggressive bird, and it’s possible for you to do it too.

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Unsocial Behaviors and Their Effects

Parrots can have the most wonderful personalities, but once a bird develops unsocial like behaviors, it can be incredibly difficult. Many owners feel at a loss and even give up on their birds, and although there are parrot rescue societies, do you know how hard it can be to re-home an unsocial bird?

The good news is that any bird with any amount of unsocial behaviors can be retrained and worked with. You can turn your bird around into the friendly, nicer, well behaved bird that can be loved.

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How to Change Your Bird’s Behavior

A new book called The Naughty Parrot! tells the story of a regular, average, parrot owning woman named Shaw. Shaw found herself in the position of inheriting a very unsocial parrot, and although terribly frightened of him, she was an animal lover. She began on a learning journey and picked every bird expert brain she could.

The result of her experiences with her own bird and the knowledge gained from these experts now appears as The Naughty Parrot! Inside you’ll find a wealth of tips and information on transforming your bird’s behavior.

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Nathalie Roberts

Bird Training Secrets Ahead!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Dear Parrot Lover,

If you are a parrot owner then you most undoubtedly want to have a perfect rapport with your parrot. Although this should obviously be the goal of every parrot owner, for some, this seems to be a very lofty one!

This is usually the fault of the owner and not really the parrot. Most parrot owners do not know where to begin when they want to start training their pet parrot. Some turn to books, some to the internet but one of the best ways to learn to train your parrot is through video. This is because actions and words that are demonstrated in the video can be easily mimicked by the parrot owner…and even the parrot!

The best parrot training videos should you show how to do the following:

How to enunciate your words and phrases clearly so that your parrot not only learns to mimic them, but also learns to associate them with certain actions.

The best time of day to schedule a training session with your parrot. Hint: this should be a time when you and your parrot can have one-on-one time together. This time should ideally be uninterrupted from other family members and the television and radio should be switched off as well.

Understanding how parrots think and learn.

Understanding that each parrot is as unique as humans are and therefore every parrot will learn differently and will also take their time in learning wanted behaviors.

Never raise your voice and yell at your parrot, even if you think they are not listening and learning. By raising your voice you will only place more of a strain on the relationship you have with your parrot.

Never smack your parrot on the beak or tail. Parrots are extremely fragile creatures and such a smack could break their tiny bones.

How to carefully demonstrate your disapproval of your parrot’s actions with just one look.

How to keep your parrot’s attention by keeping the training session short and sweet.

Regardless of how you choose to learn how to train your parrot, make sure that you have plenty of patience with yourself and your parrot. Use these training sessions to improve your bond with your parrot.

Bird Training Secrets Ahead!

Turn Your Bird into the Talk of the Town

Join The Elite Parrots Club NOW!

Do you know how incredibly smart parrots are? They definitely don’t fit the old joke of “being a bird brain.” While there are some lesser intelligent bird species, parrots are not one of them. These birds are very curious, like to investigate, and are naturally intelligent. These are all great traits for training!

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Training Your Bird: Step-by-Step

Training your bird is easier than you might think. Perhaps you want a bird that talks up a storm and sings and whistles. Maybe you want a bird that knows how to do a variety of tricks, on command. Or, maybe you just want a well behaved bird that is happy in your home.

These are all possible with the Elite Parrots Club and the Bird Lady. The Bird Lady is a lifetime expert of many kinds of birds, and she offers her knowledge and experience directly to you! As a lifetime member (for a ridiculously low price of only $47.77) of the Elite Parrots Club, you’ll have a direct line to step-by-step instructions on training and living with your bird. The Bird Lady shares her secrets for training birds how to talk and how to do neat tricks like shaking hands and playing dead. You can watch everything in easy to follow videos and read along via informative articles.

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Join the Club
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The Elite Parrots Club is a gathering ground for bird lovers alike. There is so much there to read, see, and do that I can’t possibly cover it all! You’ll learn about training but also about how to keep your bird healthy and happy. You’ll save money by learning what toys and food you should use for your bird and what stuff is just a waste of your money.

Come join us and let the Bird Lady show you just how much fun your bird can really be!

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Nathalie Roberts