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Bird Chatter 101

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Dear Parrot Lover,

Parrots have an amazing ability to talk. But most parrot owners do not know how to teach their parrots to tap into this unique ability. Other parrot owners are simply afraid that trying to teach their parrot to talk will be a daunting task.

But there is no need to give up before you have even tried. Teaching your parrot to talk really is much easier than you may think. It simply requires plenty of patience, love and trust on the parts of your parrot, yourself and other members of your family.

Perhaps your parrot already has a tiny repertoire of words or sounds that he favors? If so, then you should start on attempting to expand on that repertoire. Focus on teaching your parrot to better pronounce those words and sounds before moving on to other words.

Eventually you can teach your parrot to have a conversation with you by answering you with appropriate words or phrases. You should start by teaching your parrot to imitate your preferred answer or response first. Introduce a new word and/or phrase to your parrot by simply speaking it eloquently aloud. Once you feel that your parrot has literally heard enough of that word or phrase, you can begin to incorporate it into various sentences. This has the added benefit of allowing your parrot to listen to the word or phrase being used in a variety of contexts.

Soon enough your parrot will begin to say that particular word or phrase. Once this happens you can move onto teaching your parrot to have an actual conversation with you. This will help to slowly and steadfastly increase your parrot’s vocabulary over time.

Eventually your parrot will be able to partake in a conversation with you and this is terrific as it will also help to improve on your bond with your parrot as well as help to keep his mind quite stimulated. Just remember to always praise your parrot whenever he repeats the chosen word or phrase back to you. Do make sure that the conversations always involve topics that are important to your parrots, such as his toys, bedtime, treats, food, and activities.

The conversation can begin by asking your parrot a question that will lead to the word or phrase answer that your parrot has perfected. As soon as the correct answer has been spoken by your parrot, reward him!

Bird Chatter 101

Turn Your Bird into a Chatty Cathy

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Just about everyone who has ever had a bird, especially a large bird like a parrot, has dreamed of a bird that can do a lot more than just whistle or chirp. You want a bird that can talk, and I mean really talk. But, you might have always thought that achieving this goal was just too difficult.

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It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

Your bird can learn to speak by using a Real Speech style of training. It’s one thing to have a bird that can say words but does so repetitively and with no meaning. How about a bird that can learn how to use the words or even speak to you in a more meaningful way?

The key is knowing the best way to actually teach the bird. Every bird is an individual, but there are tried and true techniques that work. If you know what your bird’s preferences are, it really goes a long way in training him. Plus, you don’t need to work with him for hours on end. Too much training actually is counter-productive and can wear him out. You only need up to 15
minutes a day to get him speaking.

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Birds of a Feather…Teach Others to Talk

Something else you might not know about is that birds can be excellent teachers to other birds! Chet Womach’s Real Speech training system takes advantage of the power of other birds to help train your bird. Chet knows a thing or two about training birds! His Real Speech system shares all kinds of training techniques, but he also uses the power of other birds. It turns out that birds attempt to mimic other birds in order to communicate with one another. This discovery means you can use other birds to increase your own bird’s vocabulary.

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Nathalie Roberts

Stop the Screaming!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Dear Parrot Lover,

If you are the devout owner of a colorful parrot then you surely known that their vocal ability can also be quite ‘colorful’. Parrots can screech, scream and cry out more than any other pet. This screaming can not only hurt your ears, but it can also escalate and hurt your chances of renting an apartment or having a roommate.

Parrot screaming is a very bad habit that needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. This can be done using the following tips and suggestions:

Do understand that some screaming is perfectly normal for all parrots and screaming in itself cannot be fully eradicated. Parrots will be at their loudest at both dusk and dawn as part of their flock mentality. This screaming is fine, but any screaming that is too excessive should certainly be stopped.

Be conscious of the way in which you interact with your parrot when they are screaming. Try to reward the screaming with too much attention or drama on your part. Although it is easier said than done, always do your best to actually ignore your parrot’s excessive screams. So do not acknowledge your parrot when they are screaming, and certainly do not look or talk to your parrot either.

It may be easier for you if you can actually walk out of the room once your parrot starts screaming.

Once your parrot does stop screaming for at least a minute or two you should immediately reward him by giving plenty of praise and love. Then slowly increase the time before praising your parrot. Soon your parrot will just opt for the praise and the screaming should subside.

A great alternative to screaming is to teach your parrot to whisper quietly. Parrots are extremely intelligent and once they’ve learned that they will get your attention when the scream you will need to teach them that they will get better attention when they whisper. This can be done by simply teaching your parrot a different sound, phrase or a whistle.

Another great tip is to choose a pleasant sound that your parrot already makes and then encourage your parrot to continue to make it. Whenever he makes that particular sound, be sure to reward him immediately. The reward can be as simple as a praise or attention, or it can be something more meaningful such as his favorite treat or even a new toy. The more attention you give your parrot at this time, the quicker your parrot will stop screaming and instead adopt a more pleasant way to vocalize.

Keep a diary and make a note whenever your parrot screams. Over time you will eventually see a screaming pattern and by notating the screams you will be able to learn what triggers your parrot’s screaming. You can then work to eliminate these triggers from your parrot’s surroundings.

Teach your parrot to talk. A talking parrot is much better to have than a screaming parrot!

Stop the Screaming!

The Nightmare of a Screaming Bird

Birds can really make a lot of noise, and the screams can actually be ear splitting at times. It’s hard to hang around a parrot that decides he needs to scream at the top of his lungs. It might be that he wants your attention, and screaming is the easiest way to get it. He might be screaming for other reasons as well such as territorial reasons. Is he running off visitors with his screams as they enter?

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How to Change Him into a Quieter Bird

Even if screaming comes naturally to your bird (and believe me it does!), you can teach him to be quieter overall. Attention based screaming can be greatly helped with techniques such as busy activities for your bird. If he is busy doing something else and enjoying it, he is less likely to scream for you. Birds are intelligent animals that crave attention and need something to do. You can mentally wear him out each day, which goes a long way to limiting screaming.

Even if you’ve tried a lot of other things to stop his screaming, you haven’t tried them all if he is still at it. You don’t need to wear ear plugs! Plus, any techniques aimed at reversing his screaming should be non-physical. There is no punishment involved at all.

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The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Sometimes it pays to have a professional show you what you need to know. They have the experience and skills to save you a lot of time and frustration. Chet Womach has created a system that does just that. Parrot Screaming Secrets Revealed helps you better understand attention and territorial based screaming in birds and what you can do to reverse it. Plus, if your bird doesn’t stop screaming, even with all of this knowledge, you can have a full, no-risk guarantee! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, like silence in your home!

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Nathalie Roberts