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Unlocking Your Inner Bird

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Dear Parrot Lover,

Unlocking Your Inner Bird

It’s Not a Secret on How to Work with Your Bird

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It doesn’t have to be a secret any longer! Working with your bird should be a fun experience. You shouldn’t fear your bird will bite you. You shouldn’t have to plug your ears all day long to avoid loud, prolonged screaming. You shouldn’t have to worry about your bird plucking all of his feathers out and making a ton of trips to the vet to figure out why.

There are simple ways to correct all of these issues. You just have to start thinking like a bird.

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Training Your Bird

There are ways to work with your bird and to learn it all easily. It involves a few different things such as:

Patience: You’ve got to have patience and work slowly with your bird. Don’t expect too much too quickly or try to make him do things faster. Short sessions, even just 15 minutes a day, are all you need to do.

Fun: Things need to be fun for both you and the bird. Be loving towards your bird, praise him, and reward him, and he will want to learn more.

No pain: Training your bird shouldn’t incorporate any level of pain at all. No yelling, no hitting, and no punishment should be done. Instead, learn the most innovative methods that show your bird exactly what you want him to do in a non-threatening manner.

Thinking like a bird: Birds aren’t people, even if you want him to be a feathered child. You have to learn how the brain of your bird works so that your training can be tailored to how he thinks and learns, not how you do.

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The Parrot Secrets System

You can have a professional show you what you need to know. These are methods that many of the top bird trainers use, and now you have access to them in an easy to read e-book system.

What’ll you read about:

Book 1: How to Get Your Parrot To Talk And Do Astonishing Tricks

You’ll learn the tricks to training your bird. What are the easiest words to get a bird to say as well as what might be preventing him from talking in the first place.

Book 2: “How To Get My Parrot To Love Me”

Getting down to the nitty gritty of bird behavioral issues such as biting and screaming. What causes these issues and how can you resolve them.

Book 3: A Happy Parrot Diet…

Includes important tips as well as warnings for optimum parrot nutrition and health. Learn the right blend of seed to fresh veggies and other food for your bird and also learn what to avoid.

Book 4: How To Choose Your First Parrot Wisely…

In case you haven’t gotten a parrot yet, this is a must read to learn what to look for in a parrot. Learn about bird sellers and how to find the right one.

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For a limited time, you can get in on the Secret for a special deal!

If you act now, this must have Parrot Secrets e-book program can be yours for only $17.95. This is only for a limited time! Don’t worry with the risk free 120 day guarantee!

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Nathalie Roberts

Speech Therapy for Your Bird

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Dear Parrot Lover,

Does the thought of training your parrot to talk send shivers down your back? Are you afraid of such a daunting task? Well, don’t worry! A vast majority of parrot owners have this same fear. But, honestly, teaching your parrot to talk is really quite simple…as long as you know how to do it correctly.

All parrots, specifically the larger breeds like African Greys, Macaws, Amazons and Cockatoos, all have an intrinsic instinct to want to communicate with their flock members. Your job is simply to turn that communication away from chirps, squawks and screams and instead turn them into words, phrases and sentences.

Plenty of patience and the correct knowledge is really all you need to help you help your parrot to realize their full talking potential. But just to get you started here are a few parrot talking tips and tricks:

Create a special space for your parrot’s training sessions. Place his cage in an area of your home that is filled with family activity.

Make sure that your training session with your parrot will not interrupted by other pets, family members, or friends dropping by. Also make sure that your television is switched off during this time.

Although you should set aside at least 30 minutes a day to focus on training your parrot to talk, you should only really use 15 of those minutes. The remaining 15 minutes is the time it takes to take your parrot out of his cage and put him back in after the session is over. It also includes playtime, reward time and cuddles.

Start by speaking in an animated voice. This will quickly catch and keep your parrot’s attention.

Make sure that you enunciate your words correctly.

Whenever you have to leave the house, leave a radio or TV on for your parrot. This will help them hear and learn other words and sounds.

Purchase a bird-talking CD. These are CD’s that are filled with other birds speaking various words and phrases, sometimes even singing nursery rhymes! Parrots will typically learn to talk faster by listening to other parrots talking.

Be sure to reward your parrot all the time, even just for attempting a word.

Introduce a new word or phrase by engaging in a conversation with your parrot. Remember to say ‘goodnight’ before bed and ‘good morning’ when you wake up. This will also help your parrot associate certain actions with certain phrases.

Speech Therapy for Your Bird

It’s Going to be Super Simple!

You’ve probably thought about teaching your bird how to talk before. Who hasn’t, if you’ve ever owned a bird? But, it just looks so hard. Did you know it’s not nearly as difficult as you’re thinking it is?

That’s right. It’s actually super simple….if you use the right techniques. Just like training anything else (dogs, people, kids, dolphins, etc.), you’ve got to use the right methods to get the right results.

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Low Time Investment

What makes this system (also known as Real Speech training) so super simple is that the program tells you not only everything you need to know but also doesn’t expect you to spend all day training. In fact, the time invested is just 15 minutes a day, and within days, your bird can know words, songs, and lots of things you didn’t think possible.

It all comes back to the methods. First, the Real Speech system uses a variety of methods to show you what to do. Everything is broken down right for you so you can easily tell what things will be easier for your bird to say. Did you know that some birds develop a preference, and you can easily figure out what words he might never say? You can also learn the best times of day to work with him and how to set up his environment to make it conducive to optimal learning.

Best of all, do you know what this system does differently that can make all of the difference? It uses real birds to teach your bird. That’s right ….birds!

Learn more about how the Real Speech system uses other birds in the training

The incredible discovery is that your learn bird can learn to speak up to 10 times faster when he listens to other birds talking! The Real Speech training system uses this to your advantage.

Trial Offer

This is one of the neatest bird training systems out there, and it really can help give your bird a leg up on speaking. For a short time, you can try a trial course for just $2.95 just to see how valuable the program can be for your bird.

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Nathalie Roberts