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Knocking on the Bird Lady’s Door

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Dear Parrot Lover,

With parrots ranking third amongst America’s most popular household pets, parrot owners are clamoring for the newest and best parrot training secrets that they can get their hands on. It seems every parrot owner wants a well-trained, and well-behaved, parrot.

And while there are certainly a lot of different parrot training programs out there today, they all have one major element in common; and that is that the best way to train your parrot is with positivity.

Positive pet training is used all the time in dog training programs and these programs are quite successful in turning mean dogs into playful puppies.

Those same training techniques can be utilized with parrots as well, turning biting parrots into loving ones.

The main key to positive parrot training is to have plenty of patience. Helping your parrot go from screaming and biting to kissing and talking will take time and perseverance on both your parts. Learning how to properly interact with your parrot is the second step in positive parrot training. Always make sure that you have a calm and happy composure whenever you are interacting with your parrot as this positive energy will be reflected quickly in your parrot. In other words, if you are happy and serene when training your parrot, then your parrot will also be happy and serene. Therefore it stands to reason that if you have had a bad day or are feeling stressed out, then you should skip that day’s training session with your parrot, else your parrot will pick up on that negativity and the training session will be moot.

The third step in positive parrot training is to schedule training sessions during a time when things are relatively calm in your household so that there are no distractions to interfere with your parrot’s learning time.

Fourth is to keep these training sessions simple and fun. Parrots learn faster if you can make a game out of their training.

Rewarding your parrot is the fifth step in positive parrot training techniques. Whenever your parrot has absorbed a new word, reward her with her favorite treat, a scratch on the neck, or playtime with her best toy. She’ll soon associate learning with positive delights.

At the end of every training session make sure you set aside enough time to play with your parrot. This will help seal the bond between the two of you.

Knocking on the Bird Lady’s Door

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Nathalie Roberts