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Keeping Your Bird Safe During Play

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Dear Parrot Lover,

Parrots are very intelligent beings. So intelligent, in fact, that they have the same mental capacity and intelligence as a two to three year old human child!

Just like children, these parrots need to be mentally stimulated. If they are not, they will literally go mad. They will also become increasingly destructive. But proper parrot toys also help parrots to hone their foraging skills.

But choosing the perfect parrot toy is essential to your parrot’s overall health and mental wellbeing. Did you know that parrot’s require a minimum of five toys? Each of these parrot toys should be as unique as your parrot. They must all be different colors, have different textures and, more
importantly they must each serve a different purpose.

The most important type of parrot toy is a foraging toy. When living in the wild, parrots forage for the food, but in a caged captivity environment, such as in your home, parrots do not have as much of an opportunity to forage for their food. Foraging helps to keep your both your parrot’s mind and beak very busy. Foraging toys allow you to place your parrot’s favorite treats inside them. Your parrot now has to attempt to figure out how to get their yummy treats out of the toy.

If your bird is quiet destructive whenever he is let out of his cage, and prefers to rip up your curtains, then you will certainly need to purchase a special kind of toy. This type of toy will be one that is meant to be destroyed by your parrot, such as a shreddable toy. But the time it takes your parrot to do this should be quite a while. If it takes your parrot only a few hours or minutes to destroy their new toy, then do not buy that toy again in the future. Those toys are a waste of your money.

The next best type of parrot toy is a puzzle toy. These carefully constructed toys are meant to keep your parrot happily occupied for hours. Some puzzle toys are designed to be nibbled on and even destroyed. With these toys it is important to remember that it is the learning experience that counts and not necessarily how much the toy can withstand from your parrot’s strong beak.

Other great toys to purchase are foot toys that your parrot can play with both in and out of his cage. If your parrot spends a lot of time outside of his cage, then consider buying a play gym. This free standing gym resembles a tree on which you can hang a few toys for you parrot. With branches pointing in different directions, your parrot will also be working out his feet.

Parrot toys provide your parrot with safe opportunities to explore and investigate various textures and tastes. Such toys offer many health and psychological benefits for your parrot.

Keeping Your Bird Safe During Play

What do you know about your bird’s toys?

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Do you know what materials are in your birdís toys or if they can be considered safe for him? Many commercially made toys may look fun but can actually pose a serious health risk to your bird. Many birds have died from ingesting poisonous materials on toys that looked like they would
be fun.

Itís always safest to purchase your toys from a trusted birding manufacturer that specializes in safe and fun toys. You want to avoid toys that incorporate metals that may be zinc coated or paints that may have lead. Natural seeming products like leather or ropes need to be free of toxins and should only be dyed with natural dyes and free of arsenic or formaldehyde.

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Toys are meant to be played with

The toys you give your bird should be meant to played with, and for birds that means chewed on, pulled at, and even in some cases destroyed. Birds naturally chew things like wood, and in the absence of these opportunities, your bird will develop other behavioral issues like chewing on things he shouldnít or pulling out his own feathers.

The best toys are naturally made and safe but also bring out his natural instincts. Some natural materials that are great options for bird toys are: corn cobs, bamboo, leather, cuttle bone, and oyster shells. These help stimulate his curiosity while not being toxic.

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Where can you find toys that are safe?

It can be hard to know where to trust for safe toys. Luckily, there is one place you can trust, and itís only very convenient and easy. Itís called Parrot Toys by Mail.

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Nathalie Roberts