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The Secret to Parrot Training

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Dear Parrot Lover,

The Secret to Parrot Training

The curious things about birds

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Everyone wants to do the right thing with their parrot to keep them healthy and happy. Parrots are intelligent, curious, social creatures who live a long time. Their requirements are very different than a dog, cat, or other type of pet. There are many curious things about birds:

They are vocal. Everyone knows that parrots tend to talk, but they also make a lot of other vocalizations like whistling or even screaming. Birds identify and speak with members of their flock via vocalizations learned when just a baby bird. We can affect how much a bird talks or screams by what we do or how we interact with them.

They live decades. Birds often outlive their owners, but even an animal with such a long lifespan can be very sensitive to other factors. They can fall ill easily without proper hygiene, nutrition, or exposure to bad things for birds in the environment. Their curiosity can lead them to chew on or ingest items they should never be exposed to. If only given seed for their diet the parrot may become nutritionally deficient and fail to thrive.

They are very intelligent. Intelligence is fun to work with in training any type of animal, but it also creates challenges. An intelligent animal needs things to do and problems to solve. That means spending time training your bird (or he might train you) and giving your bird things to do such as appropriate toy play, interactive toys, etc. It also means bird proofing your home so that he doesn’t let his curiosity get him into sticky and dangerous situations.

They like to bond tightly to someone. Birds are affectionate and bond strongly to people. Typically, to one person. While this can be very sweet it can also be challenging as your bird demands your attention or tries to run off other people using aggression. Your parrot may not want to share your time or affections with another human!

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The Parrot Secrets system can work for all bird lovers

Parrot Secrets is a system created by bird professionals that helps you learn the ins and outs of parrot care. They’ve learned what works and doesn’t work. The 4 e-book system covers a wealth of information such as:

Book One: Learn how to go about teaching your bird to speak and do tricks

Book Two: It’s all about the behavioral problems you may have encountered with your bird. Why does X, Y, or Z happen and better yet, how to fix the problem?

Book Three: Nutrition! What should your bird be eating on a daily basis, and it’s not just seeds. A complete and nutritious diet is the cornerstone of any bird care.

Book Four: If you haven’t already bought your bird, just how should you select the right bird for your family.

Parrot Secrets also offers two bonus items for anyone purchasing the system. You’ll receive another e-book on further tips to keep your bird healthy. You’ll also receive special access to the Parrot Secrets member-only website where a plethora of information can be found from tips and articles to videos and more.

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Nathalie Roberts