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New Parrot Toys Every Month

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Dear Parrot Lover,

By now you know the importance of toys for your parrot…or at least you should! Since most parrots have the mental capacity of an inquisitive toddler, it is very important to their overall wellbeing to have adequate toys to play with. Not only do such toys provide your parrot with mental stimulation, but they can even help you to teach your parrot skills such as foraging.

But it can be quite difficult when it comes to choosing the right type of toy for your parrot. Just as there are many different varieties of pet birds and parrots, there are also just as many varieties of toys for parrots.

Keep in mind that parrots need a minimum of five toys in their cage, and each toy should be of a different texture, color and used for a different type of playing and learning. When choosing a toy for your parrot, you can’t go wrong with choosing a foraging toy. Wild parrots have to forage for their food and such a foraging toy in your parrot’s cage can help them keep their mind stimulated and their beaks busy. You can place your parrot’s favorite treats inside a foraging toy and allow him or her to have fun trying to figure out how to get to their treats.

Another favorite toy to get, especially if you have a very smart parrot, is a puzzle toy. Such a toy can keep your parrot occupied happily for hours on end! Smart parrots love a challenge and puzzle toys are just perfect.

If you have a parrot that loves to chew things up and destroy everything you put on, in or near their cage, then the best type of toy to get them is one that is made hardily and that will stand up to even the strongest beak.

Toys for parrots provide a better alternative than to have your parrot chew up your furniture or curtains. Parrot toys also give your parrot safe items to investigate instead of exploring dangerous household items, such as cleaners. Remember to always praise your parrot whenever you see him or her playing with their toys, as this will reiterate to them that playing with their toys is a good thing.

However, you must take care when choosing toys for your parrot. Some parrot toy manufacturers are unscrupulous and create toys that can be downright harmful to your parrot. There are some toys that are available to purchase right now on the shelf at your local pet store that contains Zinc, Lead and made with harmful, toxic wood. You’ll have to be very careful in your parrot toy selection to insure the health and safety of your parrot.

New Parrot Toys Every Month

Bird Toys are One of the Best Ways to Stimulate Your Bird’s Mind

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We all know how intelligent our pet birds are, so imagine how boring their day can be when they are left all alone while you are at work. Wild parrots are used to flying over 50 miles in just a single day to forage for food! This means that a pet bird has to have other ways to stimulate his mind and keep him busy.

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Toys Prevent Bad Behaviors

When a bird gets bored, oftentimes problem behaviors develop. You might see things like:



Plucking Feathers

Rotating new toys every month means that your bird never tires of the toys and remains mentally and physically stimulated.

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Where Can You Buy SAFE Toys?

Safety has to come first. Many commercial parrot toys are flimsily made, and your bird may be exposed to zinc, lead, formaldehyde, or stained woods. All of these items can be toxic to your bird and can lead to life threatening issues!

Parrot Toys by Mail has toys that are 100% double-checked for safety and include only natural, non-toxic items like:


Cuttle bone

Coconut shell

Corn cobs

Oyster shells

When you join Parrot Toys by Mail, you’ll receive 3 size appropriate toys for your bird to enjoy each month. Plus there is a Rewards program where you can earn FREE toys, and there is no long-term commitment!

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Nathalie Roberts