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Reward Your Way to a Talking Bird

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Dear Parrot Lover,

One of the main reasons why pet parents choose parrots as their pet, is because parrots are known for their talking ability. However, what these pet parents do not realize is that not all parrots can, or will, talk.

This is because not every parrot species has the genetic makeup for speech. And it is also because not every pet parent knows how to teach their parrot to talk. That’s right – you have to teach your parrot how to talk – parrots are born knowing how!

There are certain species that are prone to speech. These are the larger birds such as Amazon, Macaws, African Greys, and Cockatoos. Some Conures and Budgies and Cockatiels can also learn a few words too.

Parrots are flock creatures and use screams, chirps, and song to communicate with their other flock members. As their pet parent, you will need to establish yourself as their new flock leader. It will be your responsibility to not only care for your parrot, but to also use sound and vocalization to interact with your parrot effectively. Herein lies the opportunity in teaching parrots to talk.

Here are a few suggestions on teaching a parrot to talk:

Place your parrot’s cage in a busy family room so he can became accustomed to the regular noises and conversations of the family.

Schedule actual training sessions of at least 30 minutes per day where
you and your bird will uninterrupted. Use the first 15 minutes for actual verbal training, and the last 15 minutes of playing, petting, praising and cuddling.

Keep your parrot’s attention by speaking in an animated voice and enunciate your words carefully. Teach your parrot new words by strategically placing them in conversations that you have with your parrot. For example, use ‘hello’ whenever you come home and go to your parrot’s cage. Or use ‘good morning’ when you wake your parrot up in the mornings.

If you have to leave the house for work or for an extended amount of time, leave the TV or radio on for your parrot. This helps to get your parrot more accustomed to a myriad of sounds and voices. Just be sure not to leave the TV on any violent shows.

But parrot CD that is created to teach parrot’s to talk. These are wonderful to leave on repeat whenever you go out of the house.

Teach your parrot how to whistle before you try to teach him how to talk. This will help your parrot become accustomed to communicating with you in an effective manner.

Learning to Speak Bird

Want a Chatty Bird?

Have you always wanted a bird that could talk up a storm, whistle, sing tunes, and more? Maybe you’ve admired other birds and thought you couldn’t teach yours to do the same thing. Or maybe it’s just a whole lot easier than you thought it was!

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Why Can It
Be Easy?

It can be easier than you think if you just know the way to do it. Most training problems with birds come down to the fact that we don’t always know how to work with them. Training a bird doesn’t have to be hard at all.

A new system, a “real speech” training system, makes it easier than ever to teach a parrot to talk. You can actually help your bird build a vocabulary of several hundred words! This system was developed by bird people who learned through experience exactly the best ways to train your bird. There are lots of factors that can affect your bird’s learning. Things like:

How much time you spend working with your bird

How you train your bird

What kind of bird you have

What mistakes you might be making

Your bird’s individual personality

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The Best Training
Method for Teaching a Bird to Talk

You have the opportunity to learn these “real speech” methods for a limited time offer of a 30 day free trial. There is no risk for you at all, but you have a lot to gain! Birds are actually very eager learners, and with the right methods, you can easily learn how to communicate with your bird. The “real speech” training system can help you know how to tell what will work best for your individual bird.

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Nathalie Roberts

Bird Training Miracle Work

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Dear Parrot Lover,

Bird Training Miracle Work

Are You Frustrated?

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happy, healthy and obedient parrot

If you’re one of many frustrated bird owners, today is your day to turn it all around.

“In just under 2 weeks I have gone from a quivering, tearful, frustrated bird rescuer, to the proud owner of Dylan, the Parrot who in his own words is ‘alright’…. Thank you for your information…” Josette Bellham, Lowestoft, UK.

Just like Josette, Parrot Secrets can help you learn how to communicate with your bird and teach him new things (like tricks and building vocabulary). It can also help you fix bad behaviors.

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Learn from Experience

Experience teaches you the best way to do things. Sometimes when we first start out, we muddle our way through things, learning by trial and error. This is how many parrot owners start out….learning from trial and error. Unfortunately, this can help create a lot of bad bird habits in the process.

Most bad bird habits are created by mistakes made in training. The good news is that all of this can be easily corrected with just a simple 15 minutes a day! There are three important things you need to do:

1. Learn all the key points of parrot knowledge, which you will easily learn with the Parrot Secrets system.

2. Armed with this knowledge, work to correct any miscommunications between bird and human.

3. Be able to recognize early symptoms of problems and fix them (or even prevent them).

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What is Parrot Secrets?

Parrot Secrets is a comprehensive program to teach you how to work with your bird. It’s an easy-to-read 4 e-book system that teaches you things like:

Book 1: Learn how to teach your bird tricks and improve his vocabulary. You’ll learn neat things like the 3 easiest words to teach your bird and what are the most common indicators for a bird ready to speak.

Book 2: Creating a bird that loves you! This book will help you deal with bad behaviors like screaming and biting plus it shows you how much a difference toys and cage placement can make.

Book 3: The proper parrot diet, and one surprise for many ….seeds aren’t enough!

Book 4: The tips to pick out the right bird and how to avoid bad bird sellers. Learn how to do the proper research and get the right bird for you.

Along with these 4 e-books, you’ll receive bonus materials!

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Results are in….

“I found your parrot training courses easy to understand and follow. With a little patience and good humor, you can follow Nathalie’s information and train your bird to be a wonderful, life-long companion. My bird Sapphire is screaming less and I’m enjoying her more. What more could you ask?” Bill Tanner, Los Angeles, California.

“I cannot thank you enough, and aside from this bird, your training was the smartest purchase I have ever made. Every day we learn new things together. This course in less than 2 weeks has changed both of our lives… Thank YOU, again!!!” Jennifer Clark,New Hyde Park, New York, USA.

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Nathalie Roberts