The Best Way to Train Your Bird

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It is surely a dream of all parrot owners to have a parrot that exemplifies good parrot behavior. That is, that their parrot does not scream continuously, or try to bite every finger that comes their way. To have a parrot that listens to and understands verbal and physical commands and requests is truly the ultimate goal of every parrot owner.

However, the only real way in which to have such a parrot, is by properly training a parrot from the start. This is best done by understanding your parrot’s current behavior patterns and then training your parrot to learn new patterns that will benefit them in the long run.

Proper parrot training is just as important to do with your parrot as it is to train your dog. Keep in mind that a parrot that is well trained, will also be a very happy parrot too. In addition, your parrot will then also be more willing to interact on a very friendly and trusting basis with your friends and other members of your family and household.

The trick here is to learn how to properly train your parrot so as to modify their current behavior patterns in a positive way and not to inadvertently reinforce their negative behavior patterns. If you are too tired or if you easily become impatient with your parrot whilst trying to train them, you can make things worse and teach your parrot not to trust you and not to listen to you either. Therefore it is always a good idea to make sure that you are energetic and calm before you start with your parrot’s behavior modification training as this will help ensure that both of you have a good learning experience.

Parrots will always show signs that they are scared, frustrated or are about to lash out and bite their owners or whoever is handling them. In order to train your parrot not to do these things, you will need to first learn how to recognize such signs so that you can train these responses out of your parrot.

One of the more common signs is pinning or narrowing of their pupils. Parrots, and other species of birds, will often do this as a warning sign that they are become overly excited. This can be a ‘good excited’ or a ‘bad excited’ – what happens next will determine with the eye pinning is good or bad.

Remember to keep your parrots training sessions short, sweet, and to the treat! Parrots love getting treats from their owners, and giving them their favorite treat is a great reward for learning a new command or trick. It will help encourage your parrot to learn more so that they can get more treats.

Praise your parrot as often as you can. They will remember the praise and will strive to change their negative behavior into a more positive behaviors so as to receive more praise from you.

The Best Way to Train Your Bird

Any Bird Can Be Trained!

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We all know about the training classes and programs available for dogs, but many of us don’t realize that the same kinds of training methods (positive reinforcement) can be used to train a wide variety of species, including the birds we love. Just like with dogs, training really helps establish a bond with your bird and helps to work through a variety of behavioral issues.

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If you’ve experienced bird behaviors like



Feather Plucking

Charging at you when you approach

You will definitely benefit from learning how positive training methods can really alter how your bird views you and behaves with you.

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What Training Works?

The best method of working with your bird is the method that is widely used by both wild animal trainers and dog trainers: positive reinforcement. Bird Tricks is a program designed just for birds and parrots by people that know parrots. They show you how to adapt the training style for your situation and bird.

Bird Tricks does more than tell you how to do something. They show you how with free videos. They also provide a wealth of training tips and information that can really improve your relationship with your bird.

A Bird Tricks supporter, Barb Byers says, “When I first got him, he was biting me terribly and squawked every time I came near his cage. Your tapes were instrumental in allowing me to touch Gismo and get him from his cage.”

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