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Most parrot owners who have an unruly parrot believe that their bird’s naughtiness is just simply part of their unique personality and they, as owners, have to learn to live with it. Some owners will live in fear of their uncontrollable parrot for many years, until they learn that you CAN train your parrot! Sadly, some parrot owners will never learn this and their lives will continue to be unpleasant for both them and their parrot.

If you are one of those parrot owners who has an unmanageable parrot, and wishes you had more control over your parrot’s behavior, do not give up just yet. There are quite a few techniques that you can try at home to learn to properly train your parrot.

Before you attempt to train your parrot, you first will need to make sure that you are in a calm and relaxed mood. If you are high strung, or have just come home from a stressful day at work, your parrot will very quickly pick up on that and will be stressed out and high strung as well. Parrots are very sensitive creatures and need to have their flock leaders set a good example of proper behavior and emotion. Always be patient when training your parrot and never raise your voice or shout at your parrot, even if she does something wrong or naughty. If you do, you will have unintentionally taught your parrot that whenever she is naughty she will be rewarded with a show from you. This ‘show’ will actually be you raising your voices and maybe even ‘flapping’ your arms around. Parrots enjoy comedic antics and cannot discern good from bad just yet.

Before starting a training session with your parrot, make sure that you have an area in your house to work with your parrot where the two of you will be uninterrupted by other family members, pets, radios or televisions. You want your parrot’s undivided attention. However, it is also best to keep the training sessions short and sweet. And to give your parrot a chance to take a break and play a little bit before you place her back in her cage.

When you are training your parrot, try to be as amusing as possible and overly pronounce words and phrases that you want her to learn. Such actions and sounds will grasp her attention quickly and she will either want to mimic you or do whatever she just did again so that you can provide her with the comedic show again.

Try to be as consistent as possible with your parrot’s training sessions. Be patient. Never raise your voice. Show your parrot that training can be fun and rewarding. You CAN train your parrot!

Inside Bird Secrets

The Answer to All Your Bird Needs is Here

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It’s rare to be able to have access to a real expert to answer all your questions and show you just what to do. Now, a bird expert of more than 25 years is doing just that!

The Bird Lady opens her vault of bird secrets and shares them with you so that you know how to teach your bird to actually speak, whistle, and sing. The informational videos and one-on-one coaching system help you not only teach your bird skills, but it also helps you learn so much more.

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Bird Skills

Everyone that gets a parrot at some point wants their bird to be able to talk, but unfortunately, many people are disappointed when it doesn’t occur. There are so many reasons why this might happen and most of the time the unsuspecting bird owner doesn’t know the reason.

The Bird Lady has raised and worked with all sizes of birds, so she has developed a proven system that works with small or large birds. The secrets she has learned over the years give you a head start so that you can learn what mistakes to avoid, what exactly works and how to create a training program for your bird that really works.

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How the Program Works

Through the Elite Parrots Club, you’ll have access to 33 online videos that walk you through the necessary steps to work with your bird. Plus, there are over 70 articles too that share a wealth of information.

Through the Bird Lady’s videos, articles, and email coaching, every bird owner (from novice to more experienced) can easily learn a new way to work with their bird.

You’ll learn things like:

Speech training for your bird

Easy to teach tricks

Providing mental and physical stimulation for your parrot

Bird safety tips

Preventing undesirable behaviors or how to change bad habits

What are the best toys and things for your bird to have

The #1 reason why most bird training fails

The best way to work with your bird

And a lot more!

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The Report is in ….

The feedback we have received on the Bird Lady and the Elite Parrots Club is very positive!

Melonie Leonard says of her birds and the program, “Instead of unhappy, screaming birds, I now have two “children” who are inquisitive, happy, healthy, and well adjusted.
I definitely recommend anyone who has a parrot should join the Elite Parrots Club to educate themselves on how to make their birds happy and healthy.”

Cheryl Sterner says, “Even though my parrot talked some when we got him, he has achieved a much larger vocabulary and talks on command now. I watch all of the videos that are available. The club has given me a great insight into how to help keep my parrots healthy and happy.”

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