Picking Out Toys for Your Bird

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One of the best types of toys for parrots of all ages and species, are foraging toys. These are the types of toys that provide ample opportunity for parrots to want to work for their food and treats.

Basically a foraging toy is a toy in which food and treats are either hidden or offered to a parrot in such a way in that they have to work on getting to the food or treats. The definition of foraging, according to the dictionary, is “the acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter”. You may not think of your parrot as a hunter, but in the wild that is what parrots do: they hunt for their food. They actively seek out fruit, nuts, and other vegetation needed to sustain themselves.

Domesticated parrots are provided bowls of fruit every day. As humans we feed our parrots the best food we can. But a parrot is still wild at heart and needs to forage occasionally for its food.

Foraging encourages a parrot’s natural hunting skills, as well as skills in detection and improves focus. Foraging toys give bored parrots something to do too. There are many choices for foraging toys for parrots that can be bought online and in your local pet shop. But some of the best options are those foraging toys you make yourself at home.

If you don’t think that your parrot knows how to forage, you may need to encourage them by punching howls into a clean paper towel and then putting it over your bird’s food bowl. Your parrot will be able to see his food, but will only be able to get to it once he has either shredded the paper towel or tossed it aside. You can progress from this by wrapping up larger pieces of treats in the paper and tossing it inside the food bowl. Eventually remove all bird food from the bowl and only have a few balls of paper-covered treats along with a few inedible objects such as wood or leather bits. Your parrot will have to figure out where the food is and then figure out how to open the paper balls to get to his food.

Another option for a homemade foraging parrot toy is to place nuts in a paper bag and then either hang the bag from the top of the cage or lie it down on the bottom of the cage.

Stainless steel skewers make a wonderful base for a foraging toy. Simply thread fruit or vegetables onto the skewer. Alternate the food with items that can be shredded and destroyed such as wood blocks or leather pieces.

Picking Out Toys for Your Bird

Boredom for the pet bird

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Imagine if you were sitting in a room all alone by yourself with nothing to do at all. Unfortunately that is what many of our pet birds experience on an almost daily basis. It’s very hard for a bird to sit still for a long period of time as birds are very active in the wild. Captivity has a way of slowing it down for them. This can lead to a restless bird that develops behavioral issues from stress and boredom such as feather plucking.

Toys are one way to help alleviate some of this boredom your bird inevitable encounters.

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How to pick out the right toys for your bird

How do you know what’s the best kind of toys to pick for your bird? The two primary things to think about are safety and what your bird likes. You only want toys that are deemed to be safe in construction and in materials. No chemicals or metals (like zinc coated metal links) at all! Be careful of rope toys that can easily tangle your bird during play.

The next consideration is what your bird likes to play with. Toys that are left lying in the cage and never touched are about as bad as not having toys at all. You should select toys based on what your bird likes which you’ll know over time. Does he like to climb on things? Does he like using his beak to tear things apart? These are just two examples of options that might guide your purchase.

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The easiest way to get the perfect toys for your bird

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There is no risk, and you can cancel at any time. All toys are guaranteed to be a lot of fun as all styles of toys have been tested out by birds already to make sure they pass bird approval! You’ll also receive up to 6 FREE toys over the course of a year!

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