The Secret to Parrot Training

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The Secret to Parrot Training

So you got a bird Ö.

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Now what do you do? The best answer is to begin establishing a relationship with your bird. What if you already have a bird with problems? Then you begin training to both correct the behavior problems and to establish a different relationship with your bird.

Birds establish bonds with their humans when there are no other birds around. These bonds can be very strong, and in some cases can even be problematic. For example, there are many birds that attempt to become possessive over a specific person such as a husband and then the bird bites the wife!

Training is the #1 best way to work on behavioral issues and give your bird a new way of behaving with you and communicating with you.

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Working with your birdís natural birdiness

Simply put, itís always best to work with your birdís natural abilities and understand where his behaviors come from. For example, birds are naturally very vocal. This can translate into talking, whistling, or singing or it can translate into a whole lot of screaming. Understanding that your bird is going to make noise helps to not accidentally encourage bad noise and instead give your bird alternate ways to communicate.

Parrot Secrets is a professional bird system that helps you look at what comes naturally to your bird Ö.intelligence, curiosity, the desire to explore things with his beak, deep bonding with his human, and vocalizing, for exampleÖ.and to use these things to help better train your bird. In just spending 15 minutes a day on training your bird you can help to develop a bird that is a true delight to spend time with.

The ďsecretĒ to the Parrot Secrets system

The secret is that there arenít any real secrets! Actually, itís just common bird experience and knowledge gained from bird professionals with years of experience. Parrot Secrets is full of information that these professionals have learned throughout the years and want to pass along.

The 4 e-book system covers a wealth of information such as:

Book One: All about getting the talking going! Learn what might be preventing your bird from speaking as well as tricks and techniques to help him develop his vocabulary.

Book Two: Developing the bond with your bird and working on any pesky behavior problems.

Book Three: Your birdís diet. What you should be feeding him to keep him healthy.

Book Four: Taking a look at what makes the perfect bird to purchase.

For a limited time youíll also receive special bonus offers as part of the low sale price of $17.95.
Youíll receive an additional e-book about parrot care as well as special access to the Parrot Secrets membersí only website. This website offers a ton more expert advice and information, and itís free with the system! Lastly, this is all no-risk to try for you as itís guaranteed money-back for 120 days if youíre not totally satisfied.

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