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Ouch…that Hurts! Does Your Parrot Bite?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Ouch…that Hurts!

Dear Parrot Lover,

How often does your sweet parrot mistake your fingers for his or her own personal chew toy? How many times have you yelped in pain, shocked that your sweet baby could lash out like that?

The sad thing is that as soon as you have been once at least twice by your beloved bird, you slowly start to distrust them. This can eventually lead to socialization issues down the road as ‘gun-shy’ parrot owners tend to reduce the amount of time they spend interacting and playing with their parrot. The flip side to this is that the parrot will take this forced alone time very seriously, and will become increasingly territorial – lashing out and biting at anyone that comes to close to his cage.

Sadly still, is that for the most part, these bites can easily be prevented if a caring parrot owner just took a few minutes to observe the warning signs.

Obviously, things should never get to this point. With a little patience, a parrot that is biting the hand that feeds him can easily become a sweet parrot that yearns to be petted and held.

The easiest way to do this is by simply observing your parrot and taking serious note of their body language. Now, each parrot will have their own unique body language, but there are quite a few common ones that each parrot will display as a warning cue that they are getting ready to bite.

Such body language cues include your parrot pinning his eyes or fluffing out his beautiful feathers. Under no circumstances should you ever ignore these signs. As these are either indicators that your parrot is ill, or that it is uncomfortable and about to lash out at you and bite.

Firstly, never force your parrot to do something that he simply does not want to do. All parrots are strong willed and will view this is an encroachment on their personal freedom. Your parrot will let you know this by biting you.

For example, a parrot that has been inside his cage for days on end without being let out, will bite any hand that comes inside his cage.

The parrot has now become territorial of their cage and will defend it from intrusion.

However, the most common reasons your parrot may bite include:

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Reaching Adolescence
  • Molting Feathers
  • Protecting their cage/toys/favorite person
  • Jealousy

If your parrot does bite you, try your best not to cry out, yell, or scold your parrot. These verbal actions will only be seen as comedic antics and you will then teach your parrot that he will be rewarded with a lively show if he bites you. Learning to understand your parrot’s behavior will help you to forge a better, loving and trusting relationship with your parrot that will last for many years to come.

Does your bird bite?

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No need to beat around the bush on this one. If you’ve got a bird who has bitten you at least one time then I know you want to find a solution for that. Bird bites are painful! Not only is the bite painful, but it can actually be of great harm to you if your bird rips your skin, breaks a finger, etc.

Additionally, once a bird begins to bite, most owners become frightened of their own bird. This helps continue the biting cycle as the bird realizes that the idea of biting can control some of what you do. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Why does my bird bite?

You’re probably wondered why your bird is biting you. Every owner does, and you’re not alone. The simple fact is that there many reasons why a bird bites, and it is a normal behavior in parrots. Once you can strip away the details, you can figure out why he is doing it and then how to solve it.

A common reason that a bird may bite is out of fear. This can be directed at you or at other people. His body language and behavior will always give away that he is frightened or feeling threatened in a situation because he may attempt to move away, flap his wings to get away, scream, or make other vocalizations. Biting probably isn’t his first choice, but it may be used.

Other options for biting include feeling threatened and territorial, having a hormone surge, feeling frustrated, or he even may feel protective over someone he has chosen as “his” person!

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Undoing the biting

The Bird Tricks training system is one option to learn more about not just parrot biting but also how to solve it. Birding professionals have come up with a parrot biting cheat sheet that helps you identify what kind of biting your bird is actually doing. Then they help you figure out the best course of action to work with it. Additionally, you’ll have access to videos and other materials so that you can learn by watching and then doing.

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Nathalie Roberts